Unwitnessing Fool

He said it for me … every line, each phrase resonates with me, so I wanted it to be there on my ‘wall,’ to be read whenever I wanted to. It is a privilege to be “walking with the trees” 🙂

Walkingwithtrees's Blog

sometime in late August

by P. R. Lowe

Sometimes it is so much easier to turn the face away… to be an “unwitnessing fool”…for when you see…or know…then, you are compelled to do something…and if you do not, you are consumed by a furtive guilt and/or grief. Then you bury or deny this with the ways of the external world. Your soul begins to die, a little piece at a time…until you are no more than “just another zombie”, roaming the wasteland looking for sustenance of any kind from anywhere. A consumer on auto pilot.

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