Raj Kumar Academy Lucknow India

Same building a little earlier than the gorgeous blue bef it turned dark and the lights came on

the photographer shot by her students who were also sunset shooting up on the school terrace that monsoon day

The Temple lights come on and it looks like flames amidst the buildings in light of the setting sun

4 thoughts on “Sunsets

  1. Nabina, where are you ? I tried all your phone numbers, but none of them is working, Please contact us at 09230502216/09230230095/ মা তোর বাড়ি যেতে চাইছিলেন ।

  2. ছবি দেখে হয়তো চিনতে পারছিস না । আমি রাজীব চক্রবর্তী, তোর C.U.এর ক্লাসমেট। নিবাস গড়িয়া ।

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