April, 2008

Well, professionally, I was trained to be a secondary level language teacher.  In the years that followed, when it was no longer very clear as to why I was doing it, gave it up and hit the roads.
While language acquisition continued to fascinate me, grew bored with the practise in schools here. Been traveling the length and breadth of the country looking for that one exciting place where people are having fun  vis-a-vis ESL. Riverside at Ahmedabad seemed an exciting place, and I crossed thousand miles to be here…

Spend the mornings at the drudgery of eking out a living, the afternoons cooking my single meal of the day and in the evenings I wander about on the world wide web scanning all of your blogs – blogandering I guess you would call that.

I do not socialize. Unless it seems important for survival.

While we are still onto conventions, and before I end, I ought to acknowledge my debt to a blogger friend for his edict (?) “I believe I can fly” which is what spawned this site. It is through his blogging that I rediscovered the joys of writing – of the spectacle of seeing words crawl on paper and be – what they will!

If you managed to read till here, then you are possibly the kind that ‘reads anything’  🙂  welcome to my perch then…read on, if you will…

me – now

december 16, 2008

home is no longer where it used to be...and life has changed

me – summer vacation May 2009

whats driven me this far I guess is that sense of  ”knowing”  that life isn’t pointless or if it is then everything else in it is anyway. if am part of a game I might as well be playing it. I said ’sense of knowing’ because did not really know.

that I dont take anything too seriously is maybe because I think it is all a GAME: of a  pre-programmed “jail-cell” existence.  I mean a biological cell that makes up the units of a tissue. or maybe because my being at the core knew it was more than just agame that there was something even bigger than us out there.

that I have mostly been healthy without majorly falling sick despite exertions as soon as I started living on my own and my way could mean that I have been true to my cells. my body looks good maybe because am living the way I was meant to. no, am not  health conscious: I skip meals, eat junk, starve myself often because I don’t feel like going through the trouble of cooking for one etc. so it is probably to do with the mind that is the cause for it.

every stage of change has led me ahead in the domain of thought and experience. it has been addition or replacement for new course but so far there has been no stagnation or regression, and I feel as good as new – the same child that started out in nursery all excited and happy to be out from under the wings of her mum. only, more empowered, better able than that child, slightly taller too, who doesn’t need a chair to reach inside the fridge or the cupboards in the house or her space anymore…

am I an egotistical arrogant bitch for saying that am happy and consider me lucky in more ways than one? or a fool? so who have I turned out to be then? as planned ? as designed? who would know? me? I never did have plans. just urges that I fed.

atschool they would ask you to write down what you identify with in grades 3 and 4? I remember I would write what I write even now. that I identify with a mountain swift – crystal clear transparent, rushing headlong through life, bouncing high and hard from undulating rough surfaces, flowing in and out of sunshine and shadows and strange bends and murky turns, crashing down steep walls – never stopping though, absolutely secure in the knowledge about where I had to be to plunge in and BE.

something has kept me Rolling all the while. wonder what it is?

12 thoughts on “about

  1. Hey, I read this page using bottom up approach 😀
    So I found last para first and then read the rest 🙂

    Trisha hi, welcome to my perch, I think both you and Sharad are pulling my leg 🙂 hope you read my posts too…someday soon n leave ur footprints…

  2. your blog seems to be on a lighter side , with new ideas , views and obviously its a good read :p
    besides i read a few post and i thought “about me” was the best to sum up all …
    hope to drop in again 😛

  3. Thanks for your visit on my blog and kind words. I am copying my response here too. “You give me more credit than due. I am not expert on linguistic or its teaching though I am always fascinated by anything informative in most field, specially psychology.”

    I see that you were in Ahmedabad at some time. And your last paragraph nails it, because while you write very well, I still don’t have a clue who you are. A Bengali language teacher who is on road? May be reading your blog with clarify in times to come!!

  4. My first time here and am very happy to see that Priyank (I believe I can fly) has inspired to you else we would have been deprived of this writing stuff. 🙂

    Looking forward to more of your writings.
    And before I end here, I thank you for blogrolling me. BTW, my URL has changed to http://cuckooscosmos.com

  5. this one is good .but its too formal type .wat ur realy or wat u want ,ur ideads ,thinkinng ,dreams ,regrets egule ektu bolle valo lagto .am i ki ektu beshi critical hoyejatchi .sorry if i sound so ””’

  6. You write really very well, and I must say I’m grateful to Priyank for inspiring you to blog. It is a pleasure and I look forward to reading more of your writing…

  7. Everything happens for a reason…..
    and so we met yesterday….
    and it so happen to allow me to intrude into this blog to get touch of the sincere personality……
    how can i follow ur blog?

    • thnk you Pragna Paramita, honored to be visited by you…yes, you could be right . you could follow my blog by subscribing to it through your Google reader. If you click on the orange square near the top, it will guide you.

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