Strategies to Slow Down Population Explosion

Recently,  in this forum  here this headline caught my attention:

Billionaires Meet in Secret to Discuss Population Reduction Strategies – “Don’t Want to be Seen as a Global Cabal”

The report said that Bill Gates initiated a meeting between billionaires like David Rockefeller Jr, Warren Buffett, George Soros, Ted Turner, Oprah Winfrey,  Sir Paul  Nurse, a British Nobel Laureate (Bio Chemist) and Michael Bloomberg to discuss strategies to  slow down population growth.

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Numbers do matter. Affects every aspect of life, distribution to welfare to governance to nurture to sustenance.
The key to it all probably is education and awareness and empowerment of women.
If this news be true and these guys are really interested in doing something about SLOWING down the population growth, I wish they would:
It pushes a country  deeper into hell of  shit: never ending debt and corruption.
  • Stop rural funding in countries like India. It has led to severe  corruption and scams.  Where it  benefitted, it has benefitted only a very few in superficial ways.
  • Fund and nurture private enterprise.
  • Start funding education in countries like India, China, Africa systematically.
  • Fund private curriculum development projects that would empower its citizens to get actively involved in developmental work.
  • AggressivelyMonitor Progress, audit fund management at the receiver’s end.  Get involved.  The Bill Gates Foundation had funded computer literacy in a school in Kolkata 7 years back.  Did anyone go check what happened and why?
  • Fund projects that initiate Women’s empowerment, her social rights to Health, to Reproductive choices, to Financial independence, to Wage equality and Resistance to abuse. Often a woman in India is forced to continue until she produces a male child
  • Fund support groups to engage women in developmental work.
  • Help build/ sustain Women Empowerment bodies that would help protect women that choose to stay single in countries like India Indian situation was just not designed to sustain single women  or even single men.
The real drivers of social developement are WOMEN.  Let’s face this : these  creatures  create and then  rear children that run the country one day.  No matter how good a school is,  if the child has been mothered badly, there usually is little hope of getting a high quality man with high quality brains and a heart to run things well.
In  countries like India  it is the mother that does most of the critical parenting – she is the one that instills  and builds the value system that would run the individual’s learning, development from then on. What the mum did would have become the primary operating system. Scripting.
Men rarely participate in child rearing in ordinary middle class homes.  They merely are content to play the supervisory  and the role  of principal bread earner.
Educating and empowering  one half- educated,  resistant urban Indian housewife  would help 2o women through her and  5 men and  2 future citizens.  Roughly  27 people.
Fund  one  Teacher and –  you help 200 future decision makers through him/her.
  • Support Gay Marriage. Gay marriage would lead to lifestyle changes that might curb rate of reproduction, cause more adoptions, bring down divorce rates.
  • Support single parenthood.   Support adoption.
  • Fund initiative to curb teenage pregnancy in developed countries.
  • Fund literacy programs, language teaching enterprise  (that is the key to inseminating  information about rights, know hows to stoke population control behavior) R&D in this field,  content creation.
More than money, in countries like India, what is more essential is skill-building efforts:  Management skills,  project development skills, entrepreneurship skills,  campaigning skills,  outreach program manning  skills,  administrating skills.
Here in India,  half the  brainy middle class able population is left out of quality skill building education systems because every selection here is marks/score based.  Most failing in academic examinations have no other way but to drop out of every training, education program forever.
One  could continue to  make money:  NOT through drug or weapon sale  or scams and engineering economic disasters.
If the quality of population improves  and the numbers  stabilize,  one could make money  through sale of  SAFER  stuff – that are safer for the rich and the poor alike.
See, everyone knows and has seen that  if the rich sell a gun, the poor  might use it to destroy them.
Instead, if they had enough and were less angry,  they might want to buy more  cars or iPods or software or services perhaps and land in the moon too.
But of course  this is far more complex and  till the time the idea of “resource” is equated to power and control,  development  would always be about money.  Never about people or real social development perhaps.