PS: women

PN: when will people learn to calculate basic minimum subsistence salary? in a city where a decent house in a reasonably decent locality is valued at minimum six thousand in rent money and twenty thousand at sale value, why do they not see that minimum salary should start at three times that sum? why do highly skilled women still get only one and half lakhs a year? or even less? why do they exploit women? why do they devalue their teachers? domain experts?

why do women not see that they are not supposed to be driving their husband’s car but should have enough to be able to afford one on their own? why don’t women feel embarrassed and ashamed at being treated like shit?

why does a woman not protest when a man says to her that Supreme court ruling is, one gets paid for only twenty six days of a month? why is it that no one questions why we should forego 48 days worth of salary? why do women not ask questions? why do women not understand economics? why do women economist don’t get together and fix it for us?

why do women employers not think of best practices of employment and employee welfare?

why do they deduct 11% of a woman’s salary every month as tax when Government rule says she is entitled to rebates being a woman earning less than 1.8 lakhs a year? why does nobody ever protest about what is wrong? why are women so weak and fearful in this country? how can such women produce strong sons if they are so bovine and clueless and unaware of their self worth?

when you undervalue yourself can you really appreciate the value of good things of life? or raise a child well? teach him the right values? or be a good TEACHER????

shudder to think of what they must be doing to the woman that works as day labourer.

I often think of running away somewhere saner … women DESERVE better!

employed and homeless in India

what happens when you choose to follow your dreams and seek out the best? when you choose not to stagnate or let your skills grow numbed and rusty?

when you decide not to marry till they stop asking if you are a virgin or commenting that you are sweet inspite of being dark-skinned?

when you are at the height of your career in the most prosperous city of India?

you end up without a roof over your head…people telling you, not to worry or cry, that you could go live at their places. and brokers show you houses in the bustee on the outskirts of the city. you are marginalized. you begin to live on the edge.

after all you are only an ordinary English Teacher. you are skilled at computers which is a crime. you are also good at what you do. which is abhorring. plus a woman.

what did you expect?