Voldemort is No More: What Would the US Do Now?

mentor-osamaSheik Abdul Majid al-Zindani

Voldemort was once a sensitive child and one of the brightest of Professor Dumbledore’s students. Then one day things changed. The Dark Lord inflicted a reign of terror in the hearts of Potterland.

But Voldemort is dead.

The deft actions of the Navy Seal of the United States of America has put an end to the days of the dark lord. Osama Bin Laden is no more.

There is jubilation all over America and people had gathered in droves at Ground Zero to celebrate.

But ‘now what’ in Potterland? Is the world’s largest, most powerful nation (militarily?) going to turn its back on the Mecca of Terror and concentrate on economic development back home and invest in philanthropy?

Well, from the fact that no one in the corridors of the White House is seen grinning yet, not even the President of the United States under whose leadership this historic event transpired, it is clear that that is unlikely.

The White House is keenly aware that this is only the end of one Act in this ten year old play that is still ongoing and that there is still no sign of closure or n even the end.

American citizens around the world has been alerted to take care. Osama is gone but we haven’t got Al Qaeda yet. International experts confirmed the justification of this anxiety.

For those who are aware they know fully well that Al Qaeda is not just one organization or even one unit. It has over the years become the world union of all Islamist Jihadis all over the world, from Africa to Asia, with bases and operations spanning five continents.

An eye surgeon by profession Ayman alJawahiri has his own hawk eyes trained on the world events and patiently awaits his turn at Leadership. He is an university blue, trained in tactics and even more dangerous and ruthless than Osama.

He, unlike Osama, would not target the military but attempt to beat the enemy at the dinner table – Economic warfare.

As it is, the United States of America, the world’s richest country has been struggling with its domestic problems for the last three years, with its national debt running into multi-trillions now. Large chunks of US economic deficit is due to the additional and growing military expenses to cope with feeding and managing American troops stationed in scores of warfronts in Africa, Middle East, Far East, Pakistan, Afghanistan …

He would aim to increase tension to engage the US troops further and deeper. Jawahiri would use their best friend Taliban in Afghanistan and Iraq. Al Qaeda think-tank Abu Yahya al-Libi would keep the pot roasting in Libya. Colonel Gaddafi is his special friend and the Colonel is already very angry with the US. They have killed his son. They have killed his grandson! These are very serious injuries for any man.

Eventually, the American economy would begin to flounder and the nation become vulnerable and that would be the moment of the Islamist Independence Day sun to rise most likely.


Did Pakistan Benefit From Osama Bin Laden’s Capture and Death?

Outside of all this, the Pakistani question looms over everyone’s head. With the “goras” winning their quarry this time, Pakistan killed quite a few birds with one stone.

a)      Its relation with the US increasingly became strained because of the kidnappings and killings of the US diplomats in Pakistani Pakistan’s position was very difficult – on the one hand it had to keep the Us content and on the other manage its own militant agenda. Now that the Americans got what they wanted, Pakistan gets to iron out the differences a bit and prove to the US that it is with them in the war against terror: issue based support in changed circumstances.

b)      By declaring the cutting off of supplies it used the situation to play out to its own people.

c)      Pakistan wanted  Al Jawahiri in the fore front for a long time but could not with the ailing Osama still alive and did not want to bloody their hands with the sin of removing Osama themselves. Now with him conveniently out of the way – their problems are solved.


US After the end of Bin Laden: Is the War on Terror Over?

For the Obama government, it was necessary to show the world that they are capable of walking the talk and with the burial of Osama in the deep seas Obama managed to bury the Husseini issue as well.

However, to ensure another term at the White House it would be necessary to keep Frankestein happy. So, it is likely that the United States of America would come to an understanding with the Pakistani government and continue their homage at the shrine of the Mecca of Terror. Pakistan knows this. Give and take. The day their interests clash, the claws and teeth would be bared, feathers fly, and the chips would fall where they may.

The end of Osama Bin Laden is a historic event but in no way the end of the history of Islamist militancy. The reign of terror and wars would continue.  Action-reaction in keeping with Newton’s third Law of motion would continue as once this team would win and another time that one.

  Head   NONV  Bapu

The rift between the America and the Islamist world is now complete and is unlikely to ever mend.

What Does the Capture and Death of Bin Laden Mean for the world?

The war on terror now would probably never end for either side.

Whenever Pakistan feels threatened, the ISI would use the Taliban and Al Qaeda against the US and soon Jawahiri would declare war against the US as Jihad or the Holy War and America would seek his head.

Today as I sat and watched the British Queen place a wreath at the Irish Garden of Remembrance, and their national anthem played and I watched their faces, I dreamed that someday, India and Pakistan be standing at Rajghat,  paying homage to the man both nations revere as Bapu. I hope and pray that someday, at Obamaland someone would have a brain wave and remember Gandhi (and Martin Luther).  An eye for an eye never does end wars and if you want to see change around you, be the change yourself is what he had said.


2 thoughts on “Voldemort is No More: What Would the US Do Now?

  1. There really isn’t a “war on terror,” this is a cute phrase made up by the Bush administration. The main animus for Bin Laden and his like is US Policy in the Middle East. Fixing the problem of US support for despotic regimes and nations that occupy other’s land would be a fix. Declaring war on the results of these bad policies is pointless. So long as the US tries to “fight the war on terror,” they are addressing symptoms and not attacking the diseas. So long as this happens, the cycle of violence will continue forever.

    • wish people that sit on the chairs, people that do decide, had the will to face facts the way you have here. Thanks for adding your layer to this post.

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