3 thoughts on “The Pandavas: Were they Test Tube Babies?

  1. “sex has never played an important role in our lives and culture, as it has in the West”

    This is indeed false, and in a grand way. Ancient Indians had respect for sex, and it indeed played an important role in their lives. Whenever someone makes such a baseless argument, I like to refer them to two “traditions” in our “culture” that are documented in traditional texts (explicit content):

    1) During a lovemaking session, each partner is supposed to imprint marks on the other’s body through nails. Women who had marks of nails on their breasts (they were left open back then) evoked “love and respect” from other men. Marks of nails and teeth on a man “influences the mind of a woman”. This is from the Kamasutra

    2) (This one is a bit extreme) During the Ashwamedha Yagya, the chief queen of the king performing the ritual “has to mimic copulation with the dead horse, while the other queens ritually utter obscenities”. This one is from VSM 23.22. As mentioned in the Wikipedia article, some Hindu Saints from the Arya Samaj say this need not be taken literally, and that the “horse” and the “queen” are just metaphors for the king and his subjects. In any case, one has to note how deeply involved sex was in the culture of the days of the Vedas to have been written down (literally or figuratively) as part of a ritual.

    • Observer, thank you for taking time off to read the post and did you notice we did not even need to bring up Kalidas into this discussion for support.

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