bloody birthday gift

my birthday falls on the third week of December.

usually,  my birthday is fraught with the unexpected –  unexpected guests, unexpected mail from long lost friends who pick on this day to reconnect and be lost again 😉 ,unexpected trips, unexpected encounters – nearly  always of  course – encounters of the third kind

this December it looked like am going to have to be alone – people said they were busy, friends seemed to be too far away, the rut too deep to scramble out of, nobody to offer a hand to help me tide over the chasm of the dark unknown I was trying not to fall into….but once again unexpectedly I felt this strange presence in my life…

there seems to be a benevolent Hand on my head…someone keeps taking care of me in unusual ways – and keeps me from falling off the edge altogether…often am allowed to dangle there – but someone pulls me back off the edge to safety in time –  this is the God experience I have had in my life that keeps faith alive

this December it was a strange mix of unaccounted for affection from strangers,  prayers from a man you had not met even a day earlier, for my well being,  at the  sea side temple of Somnath centuries old – messages from a friend in Sion-Mumbai I thought had long since given up on me, a long distance call from so far away it makes the head reel to think of the kms that this voice might have traveled and the mind – to get to me – it did find me ….the forest department’s kind accommodating gestures
and then there was the dark Gir jungles and strange thoughts in a strange mind that I failed to read,
and bloody experiences to wizen me to the world.

a couple of days filled with highs and lows that was out of the ordinary – days that I would like to remember