Audacious Thinking

“Let us Teach them to be Audacious” Kiranbir Sethi

Why we teach our children to be audacious thinkers? Because a look at human history reveals how it has always been the outrageously audacious thinking that made all the difference.

Gandhi, who believed he could topple, defeat the most powerful empire with the power of persuasion and love! They overpowered the Mighty British forcing them  to retreat with just what?  Words and the  power of non-violent resistence.

Look at the audacity of thought and determination and faith in the idea, a legacy that the whole world recognized as valuable and worth preserving.

What about that first explorer that defied resistance of conventional knowledge, audaciously set off to find the Indies,  discovered the shores of the America?

Or that man who decided to wipe off six million people just because he thought he was right? The population of the neighbouring country Bhutan is about a million…so effectively, this man kills the Bhutanese population six times over, so to speak… offsetting massive,  lasting changes in the political, social, economic history of the world as we know today.

Then this man that had been telling everyone that would listen how plants breathe, have life of their won – and how people laughed from the inside of their jail-celled  existence. Bose.

And this other one told the world, “O but it is all relative, depends on where you stand”, sweeping whole philosophies onto a different course altogether.  Einstein.

The Bard of England showed the world what it meant to have grammar serve hands and foot at your service, turning every idea of right or wrong about language use on its head. It is a tool, for God’s sake, make it serve art and stop being a slave to Rules, Shakespeare  seemed to say with his writings.

We realize that Robinson Crusoe and numerous others that may be called survivors in the true sense, all learned to live audaciously, thinking in ways that nobody dared, is why they lived in the end.

Creative thinking is at the root of all successful problem solving strategies.

Every single idea that rocked the world, whether in good or bad ways, was audacious, outrageous aspirations of the human capacity to think beyond – imaginatively reach out over the lines and boundaries of convention, established norms.

It makes good sense to rewrite curriculum after all that India has experienced in the past two decades and change teaching learning focus. I am glad we are doing it finally. We are awake and responding to changes in the world around us.

This post is a celebration of the difficult and exciting journey we have embarked upon.

Hope we do the best by our children, that they are less helpless, more empowered,  by the time they step into the world of adults.

Post Script: On the eve of launching into the Give India Design Thinking Contest, the children were at a circle time closing loop with their campaign plan. Ideas of Giving flew back and forth. Suddenly, Simran, spit out, “O but giving this and giving that and what we do not use is so cliched, why can’t we think beyond? Giving can be other ways too, if we do something like teaching or…Let us think of an audacious idea of giving!”

Coming from a Grade 9 child… it is working already!


13 thoughts on “Audacious Thinking

  1. I think kids are smarter, and their surrounding help them develop this.
    In our childhood we were confined to a level still under a caccon. but now its not the same.

  2. Finally, you got the change you always wanted to have in the system. Good beginning.
    Its really a long time we need to revive our system.
    More importantly we need to have kids choose and follow same path, for many reasons i feel education system in US and UK are far far better and advanced then in India. We follow this nations in so many aspects then by not Education. They are so much career oriented as well as specialization in each and every likings.

  3. “kids are smarter” – you bet 🙂 your “Hole in the Wall” post was great. BTW, that was originally an expression used by B. Russel, do read it if you can, I had when I was nineteen, wish I could once more!

    “education system in US and UK…advanced” – because it is dynamic, responsive to changing needs of its community. So you are right…but we are not far behind, catching up 🙂 Our Citizenship curriculum is world class, open, relevant taking into account the fact that the end is where we see our children grow into efficient problem solvers, seeking and empowered to make the world a better place. Thank you for your support. Do come visit us please, you would love it.

  4. I wish the whole world could read these words! You are so very right! It is the audacious thinkers who accomplish great things! But so many of us are afraid to be that way. We only tend to follow the norm and leave the great things to a select few.

    • I did not mean ‘great’ things, even something as small and insignificant as getting the common landing light repaired by your self when everybody else is waiting, or standing up for a fellow passenger in a queue when everybody else is watching to have fun, is going out of the herd to effect change, it matters, Terri.

  5. Its good to see, so many posts coming up on education system.
    We are aware of it. lets make system aware of it.

    One more thing,. things that you are working upon, does it not come under PART of National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT).

    • yes, but they do not hve the baility to come out and be the change bec they are driven by minds that would rather let things be, they believe in cosmetic changes when we really need drsatic measures now.

  6. You still write??? :O how come i dont get anything in my reader????

    And where ARE you. I thought you were to come back and was to call me!!

    Hope all is well with you


  7. Ok Everyone…… here goes…we are trying to touch base with nabina…alias Rolling. AT Op[en Calion she gave a cryptic message and has not weritten since. Causing deep concern.ANYONE ….help!!!!

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