slow and melodious

Dust Unsettled tagged me to do a post on my favorite slow melodies and here it is – the first Tag post of my blog-life.

The first that comes to mind off handedly is “Bachpan ke woh din bhula na dena” . This never fails to inspire nostalgia in me. It transport me to those days of carefree moonlit nights when we sat on the terrace in the dark after dinner around our grand mother and sang and listened to tales from far away lands. The dream like trips were never forgotten.

The second one that haunts me when am walking down the streets is a song from the old classic Mackena’s Gold Ol Turkey Buzzard, the opening song that sets the mood of the film transporting you to another world far away, I find that very romantic :

Ole’ Turkey Buzzaarddd…
flaa-yin’, flyin’ hii—ghh

Watin’ for someone down below to die
Ole’ buzzard knows that he can wait
for every mother’s sons’s got a date
with him…

gold gold gold
people are dyin’ for
gold gold gold
people are fighting (killing) and dying for gold

The other songs I love listening to is Yara Sili Sili , Kesariya Balma and Qatra Qatra Jeeney Do
Qatra Qatra Miltee Hain,
Zindagi Hain, Bahney Do,
Pyasi Hoon Main, Pyasi Rahney Do Na

before going to work and on the way back home.

And then Babooji Dheerey Chalna/ Pyar Mein Zara Samhalna (tread carefully Sir, while you are in love…) on moonlit nights on the terrace with the kids, cousins and family contentedly lying on the mattresses around yaking through the night and that song playing followed by Faza bhi hain jawan jawan from the film Nikaah which makes me remember Andamans and the foaming sea waves and blue skies and then Tu Fiza Hain from the film Fiza.

I like to wake up to the sound of a Rabindra sangeet, Subhro Probhatey and going to sleep with Leonard Cohen’s “Dance Me to the End of Love” or Pink Floyd’s “Wish you were here .

When am tired, I like Ay Dilein Nadan from the film Raziya Sultana which addresses the heart of a lovelorn young lady asking her what dilemma overcast that pensive mind….

am basically a wanderer at heart and all of these songs give me wings, take me away to some place else – I love the trips because the old familiar seems lovelier with every instance of coming back…..I go away so I can come back I guess, nothing is sweeter than the journey back home even if that ‘home’ only be an idea in your mind