Wonderful Bichitra Human Mind


Elements arranged aesthetically to form colorful patterns?

untitled ScrollOS

De Sign

The Sign

The Signature

Your Signature


The Stamp of Your Personality

Your Perspective Colored by Your Experience, Your perceptions about objects around you.

Simple everyday objects like empty chairs or roadside tanks surrounded by leafless tress mutate into colorful patterns in my head.

It is a fun pastime to see the patterns form inside my head when I gaze at the objects while waiting at traffic jams or while I have to sit through boring meetings at work.


An Empty Chair



The Winding Roads to Mt Abu seen from the bus window transformed into this

Today I forgot the umbrella, hence the walk from school to home took longer than usual and I was forced to look around while trying to scout trees under which to walk to avoid getting burned by the scorching midday sun. This is an ancient, dry , brick laid, stepped tank surrounded by bare-branched tall trees reaching out to the summer sky, as if in supplication for the monsoon rains.

This purple and violet pattern is what I saw in my head when I gazed at the dried lake with the trees surounding it. I called the composition below  “Like a Prayer”.

Like a Prayer


This is a camp fire in the jungle on the banks of the Sabarmati River in late October:

OSForest Flame, leaves, dried root


The lines are crooked, proportions imperfect (I drew them using the Paint shop program, lying down on my bed, with the mouse instead of a pencil, which is difficult to control.

I had smiled when I had seen that picture in my mind the first time, at the irony of it all.

These are empty chairs of absentee teachers lining the walls of our circular CORT room in Ahmedabad absorbing Synergy Harmony mutating into this composition below. I like to call it the  “The Chair- Lotus”


                    The Chairlotus (?!)

But the wonder of the human mind is that it filled in what was missing, wove in the dreams of the group, touching up inanimate objects with the color of love and longing – isn’t that magical?

6 thoughts on “Wonderful Bichitra Human Mind

  1. Well, what a pleasant surprise to see a comment from you again! Very happy to have you return to reading. I liked the chairlotus design you had posted here -rather intriguing. Also, read your post about Bin Ladin too -interesting, very interesting and my thoughts run much like yours in that if every action by each govt. makes them feel they must retaliate then all we will ever have is one huge blood war for sure! Someone, somewhere, has to extend a hand totally in peace and work with that, and that only, in mind then. To my way of thinking, it is all much like I have tried to teach my children in their every-day dealings with all people that to try to extract revenge is a futile venture and gains no one a single thing.
    I’m still doing a lot of embroidery work -am on Facebook too (if you are there too, friend me and you can see pictures of all my embroidery stuff I’ve done over the past two years.) And the grandchildren are growing like two bad weeds and learning so much, so quickly now too -just amazing!

    • “growing like two bad weeds” made me laugh, yeah, they grow fast at this stage and one has to run behind them with a new pair of shoes and clothes every year. Yes, am on Facebook, look forward to seeing all your designs finally 🙂 I did not do any of the stitching I had thought I would like to do bec you were not there to share it with. No, truth is, I can hardly thread a needle anymore, my eyesight has gone that bad now.

      I hope they have someone like you on the govt and someone has the strength to say “no” to wars and find better designs to sell stuff, find alternative energy sources and keep production going. So happy to hear from you again Jenni and thank you 🙂

    • Am glad you and auntie saw my peacock vids and liked them too. Am glad you are writing again. Please keep posting and keep me posted when you do 🙂 Happy Blogging.

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