Let’s Play 25 Questions

1. Has anyone ever written a poem about you? Yes.

2. Have you ever looked up and found a celebrity staring at you? Yes.

3. Has a member of the opposite sex ever impulsively kissed you? No.

4. What did you do? It didn’t happen, I did nothing.

5. Have you ever written a song? No, there already is enough to fill my whole life.

6. How many partners have you had since you became old enough? Partners? None.

7. What’s the highest amount of money you’ve earned in a year’s time? Enough to make all the trips and job-changes I wanted to make.

8. Have you ever been hit on the head by a falling coconut? No 🙂 I lived in the plains.

9. Do you have total recall? Regressively…

10. How you ever fallen in love at first sight? Never, because it usually takes the second look to register,  the third to fall in love with…

11. Have you ever eaten a jellyfish? No.

12. If you’re a guy, have you ever kept a spreadsheet on your encounters and rated them? If I were a guy, I would be a decent one, not crass.

13. If you’re a female have you ever learned that one of your encounters listed you on a spreadsheet? Suspected as much.

14. If you answered Yes to Number 13, did you want to know how you were rated? No – had to drop the person fast as I could.

15. What is your favorite city? None.

16. If you could travel back in time, what year would you choose and where would you like to go? When I could watch them build the pyramids…in Egypt.. or when Buddha received enlightenment and started to preach

17. How good are you at math? Lousy.

18. Are you still in touch with your childhood friends? Nope.

19. Would you kill an animal (not a human) and eat it to survive? No, not if I was alone…

20. What is your favorite flower? White fragrant summer flowers.

21. What is the first thing you’d do if you won a $250 million lottery? Retire.

22. Would you serve a year in jail for a million dollars? ‘Fraid not.

23. If eternal life on Earth were possible, would you want it? Nah….just thinking of so many years of eating, shitting, showering, routine makes me tired.

24. Would you spend your life in a wheelchair if the one you love the most could be financially comfortable for the rest of his or her life? No. Not  unless I loved madly, blindly.

25. Would you give your life for a loved one? Can’t say… Probably, if it were my baby, I would.

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