Art Day sponsored by HSBC

in the central courtyard

in the central courtyard

Riverside, Ahmedabad, 17 September – Sponsored by HSBC CG Road Branch, Riverside hosted Art Day today at the Hansol campus.

For the first time the entire school came together to sit and draw pastel flowers. When a teacher excitedly commented that she had enjoyed the act very much, Kiran Sethi, the Director smiling, said, “Yes, I painted four! I realize it is wonderful to be able to just sit and engage in something like this – without any agenda, without any rules, without any worries about whether it is good or bad with every body together, can be so wonderful for this space”.

She looked around, raised her eyes appreciatively upwards towards the roof whence hung pink and lime yellow gossamer georgette streamers of lovely pastel shades. The streamers looked like streaks of rainbow linking the green earthy space to the clear autumn blue skies above.

Hordes of corporate honchos including the Branch Manager drove down to witness the event – Tirtha, an officer and a fellow Kolkatan happily declared that this was a first time with HSBC too a promotional campaign he would remember.

When asked what real results they were expecting from this contact, he said, brand promotion was the primary objective, though Riverside being one of the one of a kind schools in Ahmedabad, HSBC thought it would be good to associate with it.

One of the English teachers then briefly outlined the Give India initiative Riverside launched nationwide in August and presented him with a toolkit, indicating that HSBC could touch millions of lives by participating in the initiative by becoming one of the key sponsors.

Here are some drawings of the faculty who revelling in the chance to let go for once, plunged into the hidden recesses of their mind to draw out the colors that characterize their lives.


Sulekha held up her flower and declared this is what I see when I look at the Riverside yard every morning. Priti smiled at hers, “Look, this is us”. Tripti reiterated the feeling saying, “Same form, different colours”. Kiran painted the flames of passion that drive everything she undertakes to do while Veena who leads the KS3 program drew her impression of the space…. enjoy…

the four year olds at K2

the four year olds at K2

in the lawn

in the lawn


4 thoughts on “Art Day sponsored by HSBC

  1. So you are teaching in this school? It’s nice to see something of everyday life there. (I know a sponsored art day is not an everyday event, but you know what I mean.)

    • Hey hi Vincent, normally we go “work,work,work-pause-plan,plan,plan-now:meeting,meeting,meeting – ok time to stayback,stayback” – so when everyone was set free TOGETHER at the same time for four hours, no duty, no responsibility to even oversee children or give out the kit – just grab a piece of paper and draw – the sight of every single person on campus engrossed in art was indeed captivating. Never saw that happen even in Kolkata where sit-n-draw is common.

  2. This looks like a scene straight out of Taare Zameen Par….do most schools in India have an art day or is this something that your school is setting a trend of? Kudos to you guys on setting aside a day for art appreciation. I remember back when I was in school, there was so much emphasis on learning the sciences whereas art was considered more or less a waste of precious curriculum time. It’s nice to see that it’s finally getting the time and attention it deserves. After all, the world would just be too depressing a place to live in if it were filled to the brim with scientists… where would we be without the creativity of artists too?

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