Preening, Courting Peacock Family

The Prince Dances – First View August 09

The first morning at my new place am gifte with this gorgeous sight. First time ever in my life I spot a peacock outside a zoo znd watch it dance! Very happy, very excited, wonderfilled with nature’s welcome to me…ran inside to grab the camera…my first video shoot too with a Nikon 5.0 megapixel digital, the distance is too great I think. Don’t have the software to render – so just wanted to share the rush with the world for those like me – that have never seen a peacock dance. Hope you like it.

One curious thing is Prince calls me when he comes in on that roof. Then when I come out he begins. The first day there was no pea hen in sight – so I presume he danced for ME! Now, when he calls to wake me up, I go out say “Hi” and feed him a banana or bread.He prefers the fruit. Other members in the family are not that friendly. They fly about – I didnt know peacocks couldfly that much!

A moment alone together before the family flies in

Prince Preening

Gottacha: a moment alone together before the family flies in

Foursome – Peacock Style September 09

Here is the whole family. They come together for their family time only once,Β  early morning, on the roof of the pumphouse across from my building. My room is on the terrace, so I get a good view πŸ™‚

Notnowbaby – Peacock Dance September 09

He has been trying for over four weeks with her now. Perseverence, my boy, Prince needs to keep at it I guess, he really likes her a lot, won’t even look at any other – there are three females in our compound.

Prince’s love: this is the one he fancies

Prince loves her


6 thoughts on “Preening, Courting Peacock Family

    • πŸ™‚ don’t envy, just visit. remember my promise to take you to Gir Forest? besides you have snow and ocean and mountains there! (((vee))) so happy to see you at last. hope to know how everythings going with you soon.

  1. Its such a great thing, to be with our national bird. One i last saw in Captivity of Bird sanctuary.
    Wish national birds roamed all over India, and give a morning bliss that it gives you. πŸ™‚

    • yes, here they roam around freely, everywhere, like crows, sparrows or pigeons elsewhere in India. there are plenty of parrots too and monkeys πŸ™‚ even I have always seen peacocks in captivity like you, so it was exciting for me at first. glad you found time to come. you know how happy it makes me to see old friends and after all we write/post here to connect – t.c.

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