Love for Sale

Dilruba Dilnashin is a song that Ahmedabad FM broadcasts all the time.


It reminds me of home, of Kolkata every time I listen to it.

The reason is –  the tune in a part of this song resembles one of my favourite Bangla songs.

The song is called Bhabtey Badha Nei* (translated in English it could either mean: As You Like It or You Could think Anything).

It was written, composed, set to tune by the Bangla Band ABHILASHA.

The “Tera Mera Pyar Jo Hain, Pyar yeh Zordar Hain” part of the song Dilruba Dilnashin from film Namastey London,  bears exact resemblance to the Bangla song I mentioned.

Manish Gajjar, BBC Film Correspondent, in his review writes, “Himmesh Reshamiya’s music in the movie is truly excellent”. The movie he refers to is Namastey London.

It  was directed by Vipul Shah. Music in the movie was directed by Himmesh Reshamiya. The song title is : Dilruba Dilnashin. Singers : Zubin Garg, Alisha Chinai

I have no idea whether Himesh had a chance to interact with Bangla musicians at any point in his life, whether they introduced him to the band culture.

However, considering that he listens to variety of music and looks everywhere for inspiration, he may have heard it somewhere.

The lyricist of the band Sumit Samadder has had a very brief stint at working in Mumbai.

Now, Mumbai music stores are extremely limited in their stock of pan India contemporary music. Even Planet M Mumbai or Crossword Mumbai or Landmark Mumbai is actually quite impoverished in this matter. But Sumit has been in Mumbai, maybe his music travelled too somehow.

Sumit continues to write for the band although it has now been regrouped with only the original singer Kutty still remaining in the band. Sumit writes music for other singers (than his own band ABHILASHA), jingles, scripts for TV shows, ad copies etc for a living. He is well known also for his TV show “Pathher Panchali”  in Bangla. He has worked extensively with Debojyoti Misra, one of the ace Music Directors of Kolkata.

Point of mentioning the song here is to drive home the point that artists are free to adapt and adopt. It is their prerogative.

But are they also not responsible for upholding each other’s interests and talents? Aren’t music and arts people expected to be more than salesmen with high standards of ethics and morality? Can they afford to be ordinary baniyas when society looka up to them for upholding values that nurture, enable, empower the community?

Sumit Samadder lyricist of Abhilasha, writer of Bhabtey Badha Nei

Sumit Samadder lyricist of Abhilasha, writer of Bhabtey Badha Nei

*Wanted to upload the song,  it is in my computer but as a cda file, if someone tells me how to do it, I would.


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