Donald Trump, Ms California Carrie Prejean and her comments on Gay Marriage

Trump says Miss California USA can retain crown By Marcus Franklin, AP, Wednesday, 13 May 2009


Now then, why did she win in the first place? What was the contest about, the one in which Ms Prejean won a crown at? From the furrore at first I thought must have been a contest about upholding social values, rational thought and great minds… it was just a beauty pageant for God’s sake not a contest for the Booker Prize or a Magsaysay! So what the hell?!

Seriously, though, let us see why she won that crown in the first place. She won it for physical beauty: sex appeal, and a nice face and figure (or at least a physical form, a shape, colour, texture, weight etc that according to some people, most people might think to be appealing and therefore can be used to sell products or campaign for causes or whatever).

Who deserves the crown? She does. Along with her though, her creators do too,  by which I mean both God and her biological parents, and then her creators would the ones that gave her the look and her dresses – make up artists, dress designers, her mentors… and perhaps the JUDGES,  who gave her a chance, they might have chosen not to … there are hundreds of thousands of pretty faces out there after all.

So when you take away her crown do you realize it is not just she who loses it, it is all of you who made it possible in the first place – in terms of the idea behind, the process,the method, the entire system.

Ms Prejean did not create the system, she didn’t ask to be photographed in the nude, she would not be the one to enjoy her own nude photos, she doesn’t have an investment in the industry, she was just fortunately born with a body and a face that make people want to see her in the nude. Period.

So why should she lose her crown?

She wasn’t competing for the Nobel or the Pulitzer – it is just a Beauty contest the very premise of it is far from anything intellectual – the very premise of that is sex appeal, the body, the body, the body and nothing else at all.

So if she has been naturally endowed with one that is considered d3esirable, why can’t she use that as she pleases? Why can’t she show off – ALL of it if it doesn’t bother HER sense of propriety?

She feeds it, clothes it, takes care of it, works hard to keep it in shape, she wins a prize for showing glimpses of it to the world and she can’t show ALL of it if it pleases her or if it brings her some money?

Why? Because we decided to sell her – we are the powerful corporate with the guns and the money and therefore exclusive rights?

It is absolutely funny that this controversy should be happening in the West where it is OK to kiss in the streets, lie naked on the beach, hold hands in public. And to think we look up to them for being progressive! And rational and sensible and individual’s right conscious.

I think this is pretentious and absurd.

If anyone should lose that crown it should be the people who created the Pageant in the first place, people who designed sophisticated ways of dealing in the human flesh, playing God in other people’s lives, exploiting beautiful women in the name of giving them something.

Double standards are hateful. Lack of respect for her is abominable.

…it had launched a new advertisement against gay marriage featuring footage of her at the pageant. The ad also features video of Hilton referring to Prejean with a profanity.

So who is taking advantage of whom? Who is right here and who is wrong – is it so hard to see? Is Ms Prejean responsible how other people use what she holds to be her private view?

Ms Prejean is entitled to her views whether you like it or not, she didn’t contest for the sagacity of her views regarding social norms. If she THINKS Gay marriage is something she doesn’t approve of – so be it. What bloody hell does it matter? I support Gay marriage. So there is someone who does, therefore it is ok if another one doesn’t – why put her on the stake ? She is too young, under exposed to the realities of life at her age anyway to know what is what. The young lady is only twenty something!!!

Trump should stay firm and not give in to dogmatic pressure and persecution of the poor girl. If she had violated clauses in her contract which says after win she can’t do certain things, then at least there would have been a case. But even then letting someone feel she is beautiful, having her show herself to win the prize and then telling her she can only show this much is hypocrisy.

As long as she isn’t harming anyone, stealing, cheating, being adulterous (even then it is still her choice, her body, her life, her responsibility) or a bigot, she has the right to her title and her hard earned crown. The US is not India so let US be the US and not turn retro. Please.

If we are really so concerned about “highest ethical and moral standards” we should not be having such pageants in the first place. 1) It undermines the importance of one’s mind, celebrates the flesh. 2) In effect such pageant says, all those of you other women out there, you are not beautiful by these standards, you should ASPIRE to be like THIS! O yes,  the subversive message is precisely that.

Women are beautiful, sexually desirable to men and women, and equally importantly conscious of their own sexual beings – it is ok if she decides to be her self at all times.  As good citizens that love our fellow beings, we need to learn to respect and revere that.

Pic sourced from the site that is linked here.


4 thoughts on “Donald Trump, Ms California Carrie Prejean and her comments on Gay Marriage

  1. hehe, you got it right.

    Nobody would have cared about her opinions if it was not for the timing. US is in the midst of what they call the ‘gay storm’ – several states ratifying the right for same sex couples to get married. At this point, the church needed some icon to advance its agenda and who better than the ‘beautiful woman’?

    Nude pictures by a professional photographer at the age of 16 – that’s considered a ‘standard industry practise’ for someone to be a model.

    Ironically California paid for her boob job so that they’d look bigger (and faker) for the miss USA contest.

  2. Yeah… I have no patience for all of the “politically correct activists” of our nation. It’s gotten way out of hand. I applaud this young lady for standing up for what she believes in. That is very admirable.

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