The greatest gift a Teacher can give and an American Paradoxical situation

Teacher at Capistrano Valley High School. A federal judge ruled recently that (Jim) Corbett violated the First Amendment’s establishment clause by disparaging Creationism.

Over 2,000 years ago Socrates faced a court for refusing to recognize the gods acknowledged by the state, importing strange divinities and corrupting the young. The judges sent Socrates to his death. He accepted the sentence of the court and committed suicide by drinking a cup of hemlock…

Challenging myths is dangerous, but it is the essence of getting students to think for themselves. The Athenian judges, like some parents today, would have students accept myth without question, because myth is the foundation of their parental, political and/or religious authority…

Questioning may make students and parents uncomfortable, but students have a right to think for themselves. It is not “bullying” to demand that students think….

Ms. Farnan also objected to my challenge of another national myth, that the United States was founded as a “Christian” nation. There is some truth to that notion, but embracing that myth and excluding other views can be used to unfairly gain political advantage….

There is no greater gift teachers can give to students than to teach them to think. Don’t sue them for it. Try taking them to the Pyrataneum for dinner, conversation and a cup of coffee, no hemlock.

It is amazing and frightening that this controversy is happening in America!

What does this attitude of citizens reflect upon who we are as people, as responsible adults?

Why do we need to make an issue out of this without paying heed to or respecting what the Teacher is saying about what he did, meant to do or not do? By continuing with the Law suit are we not showing disregard for the defendant’s statement?

Are we not setting fear in the heart of weaker teachers? As it is teachers are these days scared the world over, underpaid, and repressed. Would this incident not further harm the Teacher’s position in society?

What good are we doing to our children with this REALLY? If we really cared about our children, would we threaten and insult his Teachers?!!!


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