Sexy South India

women in the village washing clothes

Rummaging through old files during my summer vacation at Kolkata, I found this picture.

This is a very rare and beautiful place hidden in the midst of the Shola Forests of the Nilgiris – the Blue Mountains in India. If you shoudl ever visit Tamil Nadu, and have a taste for not so touristy places you could climb up to this little hamlet up in the hills.

beautiful steppe-farms

It would be roughly 12 km trek from where the government bus would drop you. There is one single forest bunglow where you would want to put up the permit for which you need to bring from Kodaikanal itself. The place is very very quiet.

They practice jhoom here and step farming. The views are gorgeous.

Sunrise at Kodai

The lake may have been a crater that got filled up over the years or could be a natural Lake – I don’t know but bang in the middle of hills it was a treasure to find. This lake is the source of water for the entire village. It stays filled up perennially.

The colours here are predominantly blue green, dark green and emerald green with bright dots of red from the clothes people wear.

the teacher's family that fed us for the night the day we arrived

trek across the forest


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