employed and homeless in India

what happens when you choose to follow your dreams and seek out the best? when you choose not to stagnate or let your skills grow numbed and rusty?

when you decide not to marry till they stop asking if you are a virgin or commenting that you are sweet inspite of being dark-skinned?

when you are at the height of your career in the most prosperous city of India?

you end up without a roof over your head…people telling you, not to worry or cry, that you could go live at their places. and brokers show you houses in the bustee on the outskirts of the city. you are marginalized. you begin to live on the edge.

after all you are only an ordinary English Teacher. you are skilled at computers which is a crime. you are also good at what you do. which is abhorring. plus a woman.

what did you expect?


7 thoughts on “employed and homeless in India

  1. If you choose to follow the unconventional path, it brings its own challenges with it. It is better to anticipate them, and be prepared for them, rather than get frustrated when you face them.

    A close network of friends and supporters who understand is the best bet.

    Your post is very evocative. Touched me.

  2. @ Rolling : If you are good at English and Computers perhaps you could do a bit of freelance writing to make a bit of extra dough? Try some freelance websites out there and if you do not find anything we can always chat 🙂

    As for finding a home, hmmmmm. That is getting tougher but like I said if you can find someone good to share it with as a room mate not only can it be more fun but you can also save a lot.

  3. Mahendra, you are right, nothing intimidates when you have at least one safety net, family, friends, neighbours, money, the network that we get so used to as teachers in states like WB or Maharashtra. In Gujarat it is non-existent. Status of Teachers is extremely poor.

    Odzer, doable and proactive and thanks, let’s talk about it? expect to be home in Kolkata around a week later from now.

    To both of you: appreciate your views, will fight this out, thanks. please be around with your minds, they are precious to me and gives me strength.

  4. Rolling, wish you the best in making things better in your life. But you sound depressed. I think a positive attitude (which is there in your reply to the comments on the post) is what you need the most.

  5. Nita thanks for your comments, but you misread: these are my journals and discovery of life as it is in Gujarat. this writing reflects a) status of employed single women in the more conservative and socially closed areas, b) status of a Teacher,
    c) status of Indian women that dare to come out of their comfort zones and dare to follow their dreams.
    Unless I write it in the first person, it becomes a report. I did not want an intellectual response to it so personalized it, as I want women to respond as women and individuals not as part of a the ‘herd’ or the ‘scripted group’.

    You also missed the point that as a professional am now at the height of my career, involved with projects and an org that is recognized as one of a kind by premier institutions like Stanford in the US! yet, my choices have dwindled and become very very limited, in terms of where I live, the salary I earn, the quality of life I lead – the point to reflect here is what does that tel you about this country and its attitude to nurture good work culture?

    what does it tell you about a country failing to support members of community that dare to venture out and do stuff that needs to be done and not follow the ghisa-pita ‘hum aur hamarey do’ route?

    so what is imp in India then – that we all remain in the basket like crabs or be the individuals we were designed to be? is self actualization respected – do the social conditions reflect that respect? that is what I tried to explore through my travels and explorations and writing.

  6. by the way Gujarat is the richest state in India. but with poorest pay scale for Teachers in India. WB is way ahead with its trained Post Grad specialised Teachers scale being at par with Group A State Civil Services! that is a huge difference, don’t you think? are you aware that trained post grad teachers in Gujarat are paid a consolidated salary of just Four thousand rupees every month on the pretext of Sikshan sahay or whatever that presumes to cut down attrition?
    that teachers get paid for 26 days a month losing out 48 days pay every year and nobody notices or protests because mostly it is house wives that teach here and they don’t care or know about such things??? despite being teachers most women do not have the self esteem to stand up and live life as opinion leaders they are meant to be?

    teaching is the most important job in the domain of human resource management but half the teachers don’t even know that?

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