meet Buluda an oldtime Mohiner Ghonra

Odzer Priyank this is for you – Tag2

Erstwhile Mohiner Ghonraguli Buluda

Erstwhile Mohiner Ghonraguli Buluda holding up Gautam Chattopadhyay, his brother's picture

this was my fifth picture in the album frm the time I started blogging.

that is Buluda one of the pioneering team that went by the name of Mohiner Ghonraguli. he is now probably out of the country. that time he was in Kolkata and I had caught him at a special function which was organized by the friends and family of Gautam Chattopadhyay (on his death or birth anniversary I think – cant remember now) at Nandan 2. he went up on stage and shared his recollections about his legendary older brother and their stage shows.

he played percussion sounds with his mouth and later when I had met him at the La Martiniere campus I had taken interview of him with another Mohin abraham Mojumdar.

would publish that if I can find the doc at home in Kolkata.

buuluda left the counrty when the band disbanded due to lack of funds and when they realized that to ensure square meals for self and family they had to do something other than music. their music didnt sell – it was too new, lightyears ahead of their time.

he was the all rounder of the team, could play almost any instrument Abraham had told me. and this band was another of those rare ones apart from the Krosswindz (which has the husband wife and brother all together in it) that was comprised of family members – little baby son of Gautam,  Gabu included. Gabu is now the front man of the band Lokkhichhara and is the drummer.

hope Odzer and Priyank I have been able to do justice to your tag requirements – 5th pic, history, where it was. sorry for the delay guys. thanks for the tag  enjoyed the revisit.

Tagging  Terri,  since Mahendra is back,  him, Vagabond, Dust Unsettled and Smithbarney of OS (is that allowed?), Midlife Crisis, Sunny and Anil. wd post the links later. too tired and slepy now. thanks for the chance to do this Pri and Odzer – it was kind of nice revisiting.


8 thoughts on “meet Buluda an oldtime Mohiner Ghonra

  1. @ Rolling : Thank you. Thank You. Thank You! It is nice that Odzer Priyank have been able to arm twist you a bit 🙂

    I enjoyed reading this post. I think you should definitely publish that interview!

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  3. “Sab kuchh sikha humne, na sikhi computiari,
    Such hai duniya walon, ki hum hain anari.”

    I hope I’m doing this right.

    The post itself reflects pictures taken over thirty five years. The fifth picture counting from the bottom (add 1 for Dogs of Bikaner photo in prior post) was taken a long time ago, along the Strand around Princep Ghat (if memory serves, and that is not at all certain) in what was still Calcutta. The beauty part (and it couldn’t have been captured in B & W anyway) was what’s not in the picture — river boats on the Hooghly with their sails a burnished red from the sun barely making its way through the fog where we were.


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