Chair, Person or his AIA?

well, which one? do I respect? the Chair, the Person, or his Ability-Inthe-Abstract?

what does each stand for? vamos, let us take a closer look at each one in turn.



Sheer Ability

–  sheer Ability in terms of a man’s  understanding, effectiveness, skills. what colour he is, what colour he represents doesn’t matter two hoots, when we simply consider whether this man has the ability to deliver us from evil and lead his folks across stormy waters to safety.  famous example from History, Hitler?

young Germans didn’t care what he represented or  looked like or even stop to question his methods or ideals. what they saw in a land swept with depravity, moral weakness and political indecision, was this little big man with Ability to Effect Change! that’s all mattered – then…

they saw in him a leader that could take them somewhere, where to, started to matter – BUT,  much later.  and then obviously  – there was a turn around as Time stands witness to.

the Person

the nice person that always smiles

the nice person that always smiles

you like the look, in their eyes,  when they look at you,  the way they treat you, the tone of their voice when they speak to you, the sound of passion and conviction in it, and you decide you like it. You like this man. He is somebody – a friend, a brother, a compassionate fellow that understands your life and times.

when I feel that, what he represents, what colour he is, where he is leading me to cease to matter.  swayed by complete trust I follow him – even if it be to the centre of the Earth – to possible death. famous example – well, the Pied Piper of Hamelin?


the Chair

Hot Seat

Hot Seat

– stands for Authority in the Abstract. no one man or woman in particular, but a position. who ever bloody sits on that Chair has to meet certain expectations, deliver certain basic goods, measure up to certain ideals. doesn’t matter at all who they are in their petty little personal lives, or of what colour or creed they are, as long as they do what is expected of them – by virtue of that Chair.

they are EXPECTED to lead us out of danger, to safety and prosperity – so, expectation is – you had BETTER DELIVER buddy, or else?

well, buzz off, we will pull him down, force him to abdicate, sack him  – make sure we  get some one else who would do the job!

So, now then folks, which one of the three am I going to give importance to? Obviously to the one that  is a safer bet,  I  have to get work done too.

and we all bloody well know, we can’t do it all ALONE by ourselves.  We do need someone out there up on the tree, looking ahead (the quintessential Leader) and getting someone (your Manager) out there with a map help (the Executives/Doers) to clear out the path with a hatchet so I (Domain Specialist) can pass on to the next phase to do my bit, yeah?

my boss

often reiterates, we mustn’t expect children to obey or oblige or plead allegiance because of authority.  In effect, not the Chair, go for the Person or at least Ability.

since I respect her a lot I contemplated.  And as you can see, I considered it reasonably closely, wouldn’t you say, in the light of human History and Literature…right here and now.

looks like the Chair gives one better options, empowers one in a way that the Person or his AIA cannot.


with the Chair, one isn’t EASILY at any one’s mercy – not really, with People and their AIA perhaps one isn’t that safe,  as an individual I run the risk of getting trampled upon nearly all the time?!

do you see what I see?  Or, well, what do you see, or have to say about the matter?


5 thoughts on “Chair, Person or his AIA?

  1. Seems like no brainer. “AIA” is what matters. Chair is mere titular head and Person is nice but temporary. AIA is effective leader and gets work done. Of course, single individual can be Chair, Person and AIA at the same time (viz. Obama as he is perceived now (perceived because he hasn’t demonstrated effecting change)).

  2. Ashish, thanks, er I think Obama doesn’t DO – the Senate DOES, under his leadership. He represents the Chair of the Presidentship of the US, as an elected head, supposedly a trained Jedi – isn’t it?

    Can you really expect to cope with insurgent guerrillas out there with a sweet Robin Hood leading the pack? Robbin Hood or Hitler were generously endowed with AIA…

  3. That’s what I said, he is both AIA and Chair (and Person). And if we go to technicality then even Hitler didn’t do, his subordinates and soldier did etc. I meant, who is instrument and key in getting done and without whom things wouldn’t have happened. and I already acknowledged that he hasn’t done anything yet.

  4. AIA, a real thing, a force, i would say.

    Ability should be always given preference, when you have to make a choice.

    But, i am bit confused with the thought that Most able men are those who fail to achieve, what is most obvious or what they can. While, one with courage outperforms the most able, on sheer Zeal to do it!

  5. “while one wth courage outperforms the most able”, you answered ur own quesn there 🙂

    Am able, but never worked as hard, now, when I think of that ‘Chair’ of motherhood, it comes naturally – tht defines n drives my zeal – dont work for my little interest alone anymore , but there is this bigger responsibility towards a tiny little being growing up thousands of miles away.

    the “Chair” is what enables a teacher to risk her own children’s life to protect that of her students even they happen to be in the same class. She doesn’t because they are all able, but bec it is her responsibility…etc…

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