Being in Love

Hi, am out of love with the world now….when I return to that state of ecstasy that makes you feel like you are going to burst at the seams unless you let some of it flow out of you….would write this again….


5 thoughts on “Being in Love

  1. Just in continuation to i want to be back,
    very well written.
    Loved, expression of love.

    So much in love!

    One says! ” just being my valentine doent mean i love you?”

  2. That was a pretty magnificent evocation of falling in love—young love in particular, when these feelings are newly-discovered.

    I admire in particular your ability to recall the feelings and describe them in the tranquillity of having survived them and seeing them at a slight distance, whilst still conveying the intensity.

  3. Vincent, thank you, you are the only one that seemed to get it, my young friends (missed the line), thought am in love 😉 feel jaded and old now, actually… guess if Terri, Vagabond, Jenni or Alok were to read this, they would duly ‘admonish’ about the ‘negative attitude’ – but there is no stopping time, is there?

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