More Good Men or More Intelligent Men?

What does the world need? This was the essay question Kolkata Univ had asked students to debate upon,  in the MA exam paper,  in the year 1991. No wait, instead of “intelligent”  the 50 mark question  had paired “good” with “wise”…what I had felt then, am surprised to realize, I continue to believe in still!

No matter how intelligent a man is, if that intelligence isn’t housed in a body gifted with a soul, the world is in for trouble. IMO. So,  it makes sense that some people across the globe are working upon The GoodWork Project and others nearer home,  attempting to develope  a Well-Being curriculum for school going children.

“You be good is when you can do good” I think.

Times are changing – albeit slowly, but I can feel the winds of change blowing. Am glad to be part of this great big yagna that is going on. Only –  I hope to live to see the change in paradigm shift –  reaping benefits in the years ahead.

I do believe, we are heading in the right direction, at least some people are, and it is heartening to know they are close and working hard,  day and night.


8 thoughts on “More Good Men or More Intelligent Men?

  1. I too think that good persons are more important than intelligent persons. World would always be better place with more Joeys than more Ross. Though at some level both will converge, I guess. Is person who doesn’t realize that goodness will benefit all in long term and becomes good can be called really intelligent?

  2. It needs both. There is a deficit of both good and intelligent men in the world. Good and intelligent women are found everywhere though 😛 Hehehe…I couldnt resist it…your caption begged for someone to say that out loud.
    I completely agree with you. What the world needs more are people willing to make a difference to the world. Intelligence if not geared toward making that difference is useless.

  3. I think I would have lost those fifty marks. I would have said “Good? Wise? They are synonyms.” And I would have cast doubt on the notion of “What does the world need?” for I read into it a quest for simple solutions. Perhaps deep down I think of the world as a game or experiment rather than an urgent problem to be fixed; even though superficially I think like everyone else. So I would have written an essay which cast doubt on the premise presented by the examiners; and would fail.

    In the same reckless fashion, I cast doubt on your link to the Good Work project and ask you what connection this has with either goodness or wisdom. It appears to be focused on the digital media! It’s completely ungrateful of me, I know, because it’s by grace of digital media that you and I are in communication at all; but when I think of good work in connection with goodness and wisdom, I think of face-to-face, hand-and-eye contact-with-natural-materials work, that enhances human dignity, fulfils our evolutionary heritage and maintains the world sustainably.

    Anyway, I like your post!

  4. O well Vincent, if you had made the effort to cast a doubt and turned the premise around, Kolkata Univ wd have given you full marks…it is still one of the best…

    As for the link – my laziness, apology due here, the GoodWork Project seen in isolation looks disconnected, but what those Project Zero guys are working upon is to do with research about whether ‘goodness’ is what teaching learning goals be of a curriculum shd be as against facts and know-how: to help build skills or work upon attitudes?

    Riverside, for instance believes, there isn’t an “either/or” about the issue, it is an “and/too” consideration – work on the attitudes, that wd ensure they pick on the right goals and corresponding skills that help nurture and create and sustain life yada, yada…

    and I like your posts and the way you think

  5. Good is always appreciated. While wise are smart enough to make thier existance felt.

    But “Yeh! dil mange more”,
    so how about a “Good and a Wise Men?”

    For me, yes good cause no harm, but doesn’t that mean we are being lazy enough to bear a pinch for certain things that we say is comfort and has become habit.

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