11 thoughts on “Republic Day India – Up close personal

  1. Your blogger friend had to google to find that Republic started in 1950? Maybe one more thing to complain about…ignorant educated folks :X

    It’s been 59 years hence and hence it’s 60th Republic Day or 59th anniversary of Republic Day (first was in 1950).

    Also, may be you want to revise the word “deserting” from 5th paragraph because that brings different notion in mind, unless that’s exactly you are referring to. Deserting from army is serious business!!

    Can I catch Beating Retreat on DD-TV? I never heard of that though I’ve been watching parade since forever?

  2. @Ashish, no, because we heard 60 on the radio and had this idea ki if its anniversary, then 1950-2009 kind of counted to 59 whereas media said 60th, this was an effort at double checking. Of course he knew, I was the one all fuzzy about my facts!

    Yes, we used to watch it on Doordarshan. Here, I do not have a TV so can’t check if they still telecast that. It should be on the 29th. 1700 hrs unless they changed the time its a very short half to forty minute live cast, so do catch it on time if you want to.

    Well, he always laughed, “we ran away when they opened Bharat Air”,he said, while he and his friends recounted stories about how each station was opened, what it was like when they opened civil operations base at Leh, then Port Blair, Silchar, Chabua, Teju (one flight a week station!), how Caravelles and Viscounts gave way to Boeing and Fokker, the excitement when Airbus came – ” complete fly-by-wire” his eyes would gleam, how it would be like now, getting snagged aircrafts back to base from the remote NE etc… they were all duly released, thank u.

  3. @ Rolling : A nice post, I enjoyed reading it. I have seen a few parades only when I was a kid. Personally I have always thought of them as sort of ‘kitsch’. It also seems like an imposition on the city of Delhi. I would be glad when they get rid of it 🙂

    Anyway I enjoyed reading your memories associated with it. We always forget the parts of our past that sucked and retain the parts that were nice. This is something I like about the human nature. We have the ability to look in the past more rationally than we see our present. I sometimes wish that could be extended to here and now as well. Well I hope you have many more happy republic days, as for me. Its a day just like any other day 🙂

  4. Odzer, this is the first time u use the word ‘rational’ with one of my posts. Surprised me. Was afraid u guys would trash it as nostalgia induced ‘indulgence’ . Am thankful u didn’t.
    Wd always remember this, “the parts of our past that sucked and retain the parts that were nice” r2 cherish. Thanks for ur wishes.

  5. I did watch the youtube video you linked to in your post…and I recognized the Wagah border from cuckoo’s travel post on it. It makes me so happy when I’m able to visit India through all of your posts.

  6. Vee, glad. Wish I could show you the Gir Forest pictures too, my cam battery was down, took pictures with somebody else’s camera, but he never sent copies, despite repeated requests! Anyway, u take care, warm winds sent from India

  7. Rolling,

    I corrected within an hour that day itself. Very well described, memories of republic day.
    I forget to mention, things have become so much money oriented, that to watch the ceremony in person, you need to shell out atleast Rs. 300/- per head.
    Its good that we have this days in our memories and will remain part of priceless treasure.

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