Lines – mean Space n Peace

there are lines that separate, divide, demarcate the limits as it were and defines them…and then there are lines that warn, and threaten and cause wars and destruction

there are other lines though that DEFINE, gives shape to stuff, eases a mass of life into some recognizable form

it becomes easier to deal with life then. you know what is where, what should and what should not be perhaps. it also releases time, for you are not tied up to all of it at once. I do think Lines have a way of freeing one in some ways. especially, Lines that came to be because of consensus, consideration, and were forged with care.

am not scared right now. I actually feel thankful 🙂 it is like new grounds. new territory is usually unsettling, landing usually is fraught with those terrifying jerks of rubber making contact with hard concrete, but you have managed to do it well – it looks like it is going to be actually smooth landing – to where? Home I hope.

I do like this phase of my life. when I stand back and look, my life looks neater, tidier than before. and I go to sleep in peace.

it is a bit like after P has cleaned code helping me fix my blog page. it makes the messy mass look nice somehow (did I ever say thank you? I wonder, if I haven’t, “thanks” re)

yeah, Lines can be nice and comfortable. Lines mean peace. Lines create space to fly in and out of 😉 . I like the people who stopped by, to do it for me. thanks.


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