hurt you when you let them get close.

instead of making life easier for me, they end up hurting me and grounding me, making me lose days of my life because am forced underground, nursing wounds

morning mail kills you sometimes. or at least your spirit… sorry folks but am parked here to vent this winter morning…if you care, do stay, if not, please come back in fair weather?

lived 30 years of my little insignificant life in absolute peace and tranquility until they hitched me up with a gay man one fine day. getting over the misery was hard enough…took years to heal and get back on course….but, lately, I slipped landing me in the hurtful spot again. stupid forgetful Sagittarian me!

I know why I had done it. I know what I was looking for. but, don’t know how I forgot. what was I thinking? human frailty I guess. or perhaps my inability to be woman enough to release all the female chemicals required to make me do the right things, say the right things that nurtures the male ego, keeps it safe, makes it feel loved, and prevents it from turning hurtful.

anyway, resolve to take better care now on.

hunt ’em , use ’em, move on should be the trouble free, less wasteful, least painful and easier way for a lesser woman like me. time will tell though. for now,  I allow the woman to mope a bit. for release. and to clear the toxic out of her system.


8 thoughts on “men

  1. Replying to Trisha here (not sure if you follow through comments there):

    Oh I am subscribed to you so I visit regularly, just that I commented today. But angst is justified…though intensity of it makes me wonder that either you are mocking or you are really mad. Consider your post, I’d guess later.

  2. I’m in no position to advice you, but I thought I’d share two things my dad once told me growing up that I’ll never forget –
    1. no one can hurt you unless you allow them to hurt you.
    2. you cant make someone fall in love with you by changing who you are for them.

    Here’s my two cents on this – dont allow the pain and the hurt from your past relationships get in the way of the possibility of meeting someone wonderful. I’ve met guys who were total jerkwads but I’ve also met guys who were genuine and honest with me. The jerkwads will keep wanting to see you miserable…dont provide them the opportunity to see you miserable. Dont beat yourself up over relationships that didnt work out. Move on and be a stronger person because of it. And above all, stay true to who you are. You shouldnt have to say the right things or do the right things to keep a man…if he truly loves you, he’ll love you for who you are. And if he doesnt, you deserve someone better.

    Cheer up. *big hug* 🙂

  3. @ Rolling : I guess vagabond has some sound advice for you. If I were to add something to that I would only say never do what you do not want to do. Life is too short to worry about what ‘others’ would make out of you and your actions.

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