new year resolutions

well,  it is the second day of another brand new year and I would like to copy Faith, a teenage fellow blogger that I love to read, and jot down some thoughts about what I wish for it to be like – being with young people somehow does this to me – am all hopeful and positive and playful and smiley faced yadda….(that’s an expression I jhaaroed – yaniki copied from that kid too) 😐

so then – here goes

1) I mean to complete Kiran’s work well – it looks ok one minute and the very next am on all fours scrubbing it clean. right now it looks rather wordy and verbose, so I spent the whole afternoon going through their KS1 documentation another time. problem is they think of programe of inquiry as a domain – like in conventional terms it would be like a “subject of study” – whereas I keep thinking of it as a method – a tool – and keep writing POI in my citizenship doc that way in the how do you do its section.

but I would I trust get over it.

2) I plan to live a more organized life now that I have a baby – albeit a long distance son, but still, I believe babies need that long term planning badly. my parents had messed that up a bit and so when I was my age to assert my self, I found that I had to make some space for my own self, by myself as it looked like they never had expected me to grow up and start walking or even talking and later I learned they hadn’t even quite expected me to be a thinking individual – I want lil’ Isaiah’ s life vis-a-vis his godmom to be smoother.

3)mean to read up the sequel to TWILIGHT, really liked the book a lot.

4) mean to make a meeting I look forward to happen somehow.

5) change jobs –  join one that promises a salary that would restore lifestyle I had been used to once upon a tie before I started this spree of freewheeling.

6) mean to stick to one place now onwards.

7) mean to shed weight.

8) mean to write regularly.

9) mean to continue teaching.

10) mean to get my Lady to give me citizenship to teach. even as I document the process and contents etc I get more and more intrigued at how much potential this has as a discipline. I mean the other day at Lothal when they asked me what is of value to me – I had floundered as I wasnt expecting anybody to actually ask me – but then I gave it a thought and every time what surfaced was – <strong>Language, Language</strong> – the repository of all that we know – etc – o only if we could ‘read’ what those people at Indus basin were wanting to be remembered – well, citizenship kind offers me with a multitude of things to do in class – from language to film making to art appreciation – I feel excited –

Kiran had said, at that conglom we had at Lothal, about Preservation as a Big Idea, and about what is of value,  that<strong> “hope”</strong> is what <em>she</em> values…well, I hope too – and begin 2009 with a hopeful smile at God my santa…might please Him to grant my wishes for me 😉 you never know – if one hoped with real prayers and good will – maybe…..


2 thoughts on “new year resolutions

  1. You want to stick to one place from now onwards…and I want to constantly move from one place to another, living in different cities, different countries all my life. Ah. If only that was possible. Not realistic at all, but I can dream.

    May all your resolutions be fulfilled in the forthcoming year. 🙂

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