Mother? Me?



Well, a historic day in my life.

I was so confounded with the idea, forgot that it was a Bakri Eid holiday today,ย  had absentmindedly rushed off to school, only to find it deserted of course…except for the team of house keeping staff…moping corridors…

A long distance God Motherhood? What might it be like? I wonder…and to one of the most magical babies I have ever seen, yet…

It is too little yet to worry about what it would be like. So I guess that leaves me time to wonder about what I would like to be – asย his distant Godmother.

Another new journey am embarked upon, that would perhaps get recorded here, as it unfolds.ย  Right now, my mind is numbed – there is excitement, but on the surface is disbelief and wonderment…a prayer in the heart…incoherent


8 thoughts on “Mother? Me?

  1. Alok ๐Ÿ™‚ baby is defining ME! Thanks, buddy.
    Territerri thank you, and look forward to mail.
    Final Transit, little Puku and little Booboo, you mean? Thank you, hope I remain worthy of your love. Take care of yourself, pl?

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