Paul’s Hell and His Hell-Fighter


I will be     fully me until the end of me,

until the fully unavoidable occurs.

While in hell, I am Hell-Fighter,

the flip-side of my coin – a calm

blinder than rage

whose name hell can’t contain.

Paul Maurice

in Hell III: The Human Animal in Hell


Any thoughts on what sorts of things really do work to help put the worst things that can happen to us in a perspective that isn’t bitter or resentful?


I think that for people who have experienced major hardship, this can be a difficult topic. So was forgiveness, which we looked at several months ago. Maybe there’s a relationship between the two subjects.

Paul Maurice

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

2 thoughts on “Paul’s Hell and His Hell-Fighter

  1. Hi Rolling–came here from Paul’s blog–
    This “Hell Trilogy” is in his ebook that just came out–“Falling Towers” –it has the full text of this three-part work, it’s very powerful, and so is the rest of the book. If you didn’t get the ebook already, do.
    I would say it sheds light on the subject.

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