strange India

PS:  Another (the 5th one in India, this year) terror attack unleashed death and destruction in neighbouring city Mumbai last night and hundreds died, “Mumbai looked like a war zone as sharp shooters of army, NSG and other security forces stormed the landmark hotels to overwhelm the terrorists”, the Australian cricket team deferred their visit, the stock exchange shut down and schools and colleges, the International community seems apprehensive, “Maharashtra Director General of Police A.N. Roy said the security forces would kill or catch the terrorists”

“No negotiations”… they have already killed five young men in their twenties, terrorists, and captured one. 

The whole country should have risen in outrage. Yet the common man on the street said, “Who knows why those guys were killed, ap kitna jantey ho? Kya pata hai apko? Ap sarkar ho? Probably there’s more to it than we know? All we need to do is to mind our business, and nothing bad is going to happen to me or you!” ( translation: “how much do you know? What do you know? Are you administration?”) The mind is numbed – yes, what does it matter really? To you or me? Life would just go on – in this heart of darkness – as long as I live – unless I die…in this beautiful, strange country of ours…what can we do?


3 thoughts on “strange India

  1. We know the loss.
    Its in-human to say, “what does it matter ..”
    Only thing of being ignorant to such thing is like, “Digging your own grave and walking blind folded and hoping you don’t fall.”

  2. Thanks Geoffrey, after a while, I was drawn to go back to Paul, have posted what he says, in order to remind ME, to stay – on course, and keep at it. No bloody matter what.
    That post is my response to your exhortation “Don’t let go …please post …a similar message on your blog”, and my own inner struggle. Hope “I will be fully me untill the unavoidable end,” be the Hell-Fighter when in hell…

    Sunny u r rt.

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