Let’s Have The National Anthem Translated in All 28 Languages

Let’s have a 28-Compulsory-Language-Formula in Schools Instead of 3

Well, I love my country very much. And I mean to travel and work and live in all the states before I retire. I wish to be able to settle down in any State I please and choose to, without having to field surprised “Why did you leave WB?” from prospective employers and neighbours. Just because my parents are Bengalis everybody automatically assumes I belong to Kolkata or I should.

I was neither born in Kolkata, nor raised there, and I never studied Bangla, I picked it up.

Marathis expect everybody coming into their state to learn Marathi. So they write all their sign boards, bus routes, train routes, all public notices in Marathi. It is the same story in Gujarat.

I get lost all the time, having hopped into the wrong bus, as am unable to read the route on the approaching bus fast enough and nobody has the time to tell me. It was the same in Bangalore, all bus routes and bus numbers there are written in Kannad. In Kolkata State Buses still show signs written in Engish and Hindi plus Bangla. But in response to the other states, now even here, private bus owners have all had it written in Bangla.  In Orissa, Tamil Nadu – it is the same story – almost.

Language is a tool meant to serve the purpose of our lives, not to deter it! If Language is such an important identity issue, let us do this in a phased manner and with some consideration for people.

Let us have the National Anthem translated into all the 28 state languages, first.  Let us sing it in Gujarati in Gujarat, in Marathi in Marathawada, in pure Kannad in Karnataka and in Ahomiya in Assam and so on.

And then, let there be no National Language. I mean, if I have to write an FIR in Gujarati (I had to, when I had lost my PAN recently) when am in Gujarat, in Marathi when am in Mumbai, let us teach all languages in school as compulsory. Since Hindi is no longer a help in such matters.

Let us redo school syllabus and instead of the prevalent THREE LANGUAGE FORMULA, let us make it COMPULSORY 28 for all.  So that when we grow up and travel for work, or for change, we are not lost in our own country.

I am tired of being forced to learn a new language everytime I cross border into the next state. I am old and it is becoming increasingly  tedious. I already speak five and that includes the National Language. It still doesn’t help. Everybody wants me to learn their language and be able to speak to them in their tongue.

Is it humanly possible to learn all 28 languages? Do I have to pick up a new language everytime I venture into a new state in my own Country? Can there be no consensus about one Common Language for ALL Indians?


6 thoughts on “Let’s Have The National Anthem Translated in All 28 Languages

  1. @ Rolling : I disagree. The onus is on the person who moves. If you do move you will have to learn the local language. You can travel all around the country but if you intend to make another state your home permanently you must learn the local language. As for signboards etc they should be in English and the local language only. Police complaints should only be in the local language. In Japan you can only do official things in Japanese, you cant do it in English. So you will just have to deal with it or pay a translator. The reason is very simple why it is so in India. India is a union in which every state joined in on its own terms and conditions. As a union the central government has to fulfill its promises to the states. Some states like North – East or Jammu And Kashmir even have more restrictive rules that do not allow out of state people to come in without a permit. Sikkim even stamps foreign passports. The powers of the states can thus not be taken so lightly. So if you intend to come down to my state I hope you speak Punjabi and read Punjabi if you intend to work here.

  2. @ Rolling : And actually there are less than 28 official languages in India. A lot of states have the same language. Although unofficially there may be as many as 400 languages. You are not required to learn all if you do not intend to live permanently in the place you are moving to. In any case India is a huge country and I think its not possible in one life time to live in each and every state long enough for this to be an issue. Neither is it something that a vast majority of people do. Its like saying all the world’s sign boards should be in English because you speak it!

  3. @ Rolling : No there can be no consensus on this issue. Unfortunately. Right now English seems to be the only acceptable language for all and even that may not be acceptable to some. However in respective states I believe its best if all local administration is carried out in local languages to help save them.

  4. Rolling,
    Being in Maharashtra all my life till now. I am, used to listen Gujarathi. Gujarat is right next to Maharashtra. Last winter trip to southern gujarat. I faced the same problem as you mentioned. I can understand what people say talk. But then when it comes to sign boards, i am big Zero as i am not able to read gujarathi. And its not that all the time i can find some-one who will read it out for me.
    Me and my friend were like actual tourist from foreign land, carry a dictionary to convert form Hindi-Gujarathi-Hindi.
    Best was – State and National highway atleast made sure that they had city names in English, and we go avoid getting lost.
    Its easy for people to have sign boards in local languages, but then for things which are critical should be identified and made to have it local, National and English language.

    Hope Local authorities identify them and make suitable changes.

  5. Odzer thanks, your point about English is valid n would be acceptable to most educated people. But would that work for the man on the street? He would know Hindi being exposed to films…but Eng?

    Have answered the other point in the other post.

    Sunny, thanks, yes, this sounds better, this is what we should clamour for. “Critical” shd be taken into consideration and the duration of stay for a newcomer.

    It is impractical to expect a man, to start reading-speaking a local language within the first few months, when years of English training fail in schools, with children 🙂 It takes some time for an adult to pick up a new language.

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