Dostana 2008 Movie Just Shut Up And Bounce

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Posted on 10 November, 08 by Veresh

Tarun Mansukhani has reportedly clarified, “John and lie that they are a gay couple, and so all other characters (in the story) presume them to be gay, which brings in the fun quotient to the film.”

Now with John and behaving like proper gays, there’s bound to be a lot of confusion.

He tries to make the picture clear about the K Jo production which is set to release on November 14, “They (Abhi and John) don’t behave as gay. They behave as normal friends. In fact, gays never behave in any particular way. Their behaviour is not different from all of us. It’s our own perception about gays that makes us think that they behave in a particular way.”

He added, “Bollywood has made films on a variety of subjects…but no films have been made on gay sexuality till now. So I added it to the film. And these days, everyone specially the younger generation jokes about gay. But the film is not about gay sexuality. It’s basically about friendship and its ups and downs.”

The real picture will only be clear when the film releases on November 14th.

“It’s our own perception about gays that makes us think that they behave in a particular way.”

This is indeed what Dostana 2008 is about – I only found this after Ajay posted a comment on my post called Why We Should Watch Dostana 2008…well, as those who have watched it with an awareness of such things would tell you, the release does prove that Tarun Mansukhani and K Jo have kept their promise.

This movie is indeed about coming out to mother – as Gay, or as posing to be Gay, (the whole film is in fact ‘posing’ to be NOT about being Gay!)(so how does one look at the way that kiss has been picturized? Doesn’t the camera tell a story of its own in that scene?) whatever, the whole process, associated social scenario is very real, very authentic.

Gays announcing to Mum in real life could exactly face the same scenario where Mum shrieks, turns hysterical, tries to bhoot-bhagao, thinks he is possessed and tries voodoo to cure son etc.

This film is about dispelling those myths that always saw being Gay as only being about sex, about the expectation that Gays have to be certain way. That they are ‘different’ meaning ‘ab’ or ‘sub’ or ‘para’ but definitely not normal mainstream like you and me. But they are actually – normal.

And Dostana 2008 is about this. That real Gays would look like just any other man. Would only be different in the way they think. And fantacize, and desire and relate to men and women. Just like hetero men are from Mars, Women from Venus, probably they are also from another planet in the same solar system, maybe Aquarius – who knows?

It isn’t just friendship. Nor is it just about the body. It is a way of life. A way to be. For some. As good or bad as any of us. But quite normal. But of course, it doesn’t say it in clear, straight sentences and raise hackles and spell its doom.

But it plays with the ideas, using the story within a story technique, using a facade well to make a point – ‘the Gays – they are all around Mama, there is nothing to be worried about’. Just shut up and bounce. Along with life. Not against it. If Nature produced the urge, its quite natural.  Just chill.  And maybe Amend IPC 377 quietly without anymore ado.


6 thoughts on “Dostana 2008 Movie Just Shut Up And Bounce

  1. There is nothing like pure gay and pure straight anyway. So many shades of gray. They are all valid colors.

    Trisha : Yes, Puku am aware of the Kinsey scale. Maybe I wd paste a description here for those that might be interested? Thx.

    The Kinsey Scale refers to a sexual orientation measuring device created by the zoologist Alfred Kinsey in the 1940s.

    The scale goes from 0 to 6 and asks people to rank how gay or straight they feel.

    Here is the description of each number:

    0 Exclusively heterosexual
    1 Predominantly heterosexual, only incidentally homosexual
    2 Predominantly heterosexual, but more than incidentally homosexual
    3 Equally heterosexual and homosexual
    4 Predominantly homosexual, but more than incidentally heterosexual
    5 Predominantly homosexual, only incidentally heterosexual
    6 Exclusively homosexual

    Some people who identify as asexual might choose not to put themselves on the scale at all.

    Kinsey believed that many people fell somewhere in the middle of the scale. He thought that it was less common to be totally gay or totally straight than it was to be predominantly one or the other.

    You might want to think about what number you would give yourself. But keep in mind, this might change over time!

    Those who want details, can simply Google it. About dot com is also good for a easy-to-understand, quick reference.

  2. @ Rolling : You have a very nice blog and I am happy to have discovered it. I am going to give the movie a skip though because I do not usually watch Hindi movies and second I can not tolerate Karan Johar. Nothing to do with Gay or Straight. I wonder if you have seen Hugh Grants first movie called Maurice. May be you should watch it if you ever get a chance. I look forward to reading more of your posts.

  3. O surprised 🙂 welcome and thx.

    You dont hve to, u knw abt such thngs anyway, I meant women who are so ignorant that they think it doesn’t exist or how it is 🙂 with real Gays.

  4. I saw the movie, it was quite a crap one……

    The homosexuality subject wasn’t taken seriously, they just made a fun of it. Even the scrip , screenplay wasn’t very well written.

  5. SaTan nice to see u here after a long time 🙂 Thanks for remembering to come and share ur thoughts.

    Am sorry you were disappointed, I wasn’t expecting much, so was happy with what I got 🙂

    The film according to me, is a typical Dhrama Production, and is about Coming Out to Mother (if you had read my other posts about it) AS Gay or as posing to be Gay, bothways, it’s been succesful – in portraying how she wd react and finally accept it in her own grudging, motherly way.

  6. Maaaan, you know there is such thing in the web like search engine, google if you don’t, go there to understand why this post is bullshit

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