a friend comes home!!


I just opened my mail and what do I see? A letter announcing this :I am going to be home today.

News that makes for a happy photo moment, when the mind takes a minute off the mundane concerns and routine chores to pause a while and smile. 

All his blogmates look forward to his home-coming. Some are already thinking of what to do when he is here! A few others are wondering if there would be a Bloggers’ Meet, once he settles down in his home in Dombivli in Mumbai (Bollywood) (for those who might need telling 😉  

 A friend coming home is news that still makes me do a  sommersault. Albeit, I do it in my mind now. Old age is catching up…but it can do what it would with the body, the mind still wriggles out of its clutch like a naughty kid and laughs and carries on….

Final Transit is a  Friend and my blogging guru. One of these Young Rovers of the earth. Well, by now he has been to four continents already. That leaves just …how many? …three more I guess, for him to cover 🙂

This is him: this should give you an idea 😉 I mean if you have never seen him before 🙂


He is also that….A bit like me….which is why we get along in the fisrt place 😐


He holds all kinds together: 😉

studs11      screws   nuts    bolts

And is generally full of sunshine and warmth when he is in a good mood. We usually have a great time whenever he is around. We get together regularly at his blog and have weird sessions of banter-unplugged whenever we can. Good to see the kid’s back.  Here is wishing him a warm

welcome home !!


2 thoughts on “a friend comes home!!

  1. I’m touched and embarrashed and excited by this shower of love Trisha! You are amazing, thank you very much, that was a zabardast welcome that I feel sad for missing! 🙂

    Puku, its my pleasure. hve u seen litter-ed yet?

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