what you sow is what you get?

am ranting tonight…

Well, that might be true in a limited sense – I mean you cannot expect a crop of radishes if you sowed apple seeds. 🙂


But if it were really true in a generic sense, I might have got a whole field full of sunkissed crop everytime I sowed, isn’t it? But looks like it doesn’t happen that way at all. Not in the farm and definitely not in the domain of human interaction. The soil in which you sow and the weather in which you sow matters terribly. Very good seeds might produce nothing or at beast a stunted crop that is undesirable or useless.


Sowing good may not always inevitably yield good.  😐


It all depends on how the gesture is perceived. Even though you might be sowing seeds of potential discontent, if they feel you are sowing good will,  you can get away with it. If you can make them feel  you have sowed the right crop, they would still buy without doubting. 🙂


You could go on loving a bad man and not make an inch of difference. If where you are investing your affection, isn’t ready or the right kind to receive or respond to what you might put in, it isn’t going to yield anything good. Not a good relationship, not well being – no creative, nurturing synergy. I mean if we care to be honest about these things…


It is not what I do or not do that brings love and attention in my life. It is that other person too. He or she makes me sing or cry, by the way they affect me.


I mean just stop for a moment and think – if I was responsible, would I not be able to do it all the time? Or nearly all the time? The way if am good at singing, I can do so reasonably well everytime am in the mood for it or when I am in good form. There is no two way about this. A fine painter would produce fine painting nearly all the time.


If the power lay with us, we could be with any one in the world, weave our magic and get them to love us and be able to love them too – at will. Like the yogis can. Or saints. But is that really common human attribute? Can we do it at will? Love who we would? Or make who ever we want to love us?


If it were that easy, would it be so precious? It is because it is so uncertain and not dependent on us is why everytime you pull the trump, you go crazy mad with a hollering “YAY!!!”. You did it dude! You got what it takes you wanted 🙂

But even the best of us can’t be sure they can guarantee they would be loved even half of the time.

“The gold is within you. you are your own alchemist”.

Perhaps. Depends on who says that. If it is someone who appreciates you, probably that holds true. Otherwise, I think it depends on who is looking at you and how. Beauty does lie in the eye of the beholder. The alchemist would see that there is gold in you. Someone else may not. Because they need to see to believe it is there. The alchemist simply knows it is there. The alchemist shows that to you! So then you know too that the gold is in you and you feel precious and good about yourself  🙂 


And that is why these alchemists that cross our path in life become so important. Their presence in our life adds value in a way that transforms, everything about our lives – the we think, look at people and life and events and at our own silly selves –  they make the mundane look like a miracle! 


We love them. We remember them. We carry them around in our heads wherever we are. Like a good book once read, they are always a constant source of strength and inspiration – to do good, to think well, to do better, to live and never give up on life.


And so all the dear alchemists in my life, life looks difficult without you people. You are the wind that keeps my spirit airborne and soaring, you are the rock that bears the weight of my stupid jumpy self and uphold me, your presence in my life keeps me afloat and battling the waves – you all keep me alive.


You people are the reason home means something. I am totally, thoroughly dependent on you people for the way I am. And I could not never have survived without you.

All the alchemists in my life – I would not have been who I am without you. You are the reason I sparkle sometimes. You make me feel and be gold:)

It is not me. It is you. You are the alchemist.


Would you folks care to share/spare a thought about the alchemists in your lives here with me so we can smile together for a sec? Unless you want to post of course 🙂  oh and it might be worthwhile visitng Vagabond for her Fall Colours, I couldn’t stop wow-ing!!Her black BG offsets it really well  🙂


6 thoughts on “what you sow is what you get?

  1. Yet another brilliant post. I was nodding my head in agreement to the “Sowing good may not always inevitably yield good” part – you sure nailed that thought.

    As for the alchemists in my life – there have been many (are dogs included? :P) Needless to say, they make all the difference between merely surviving life and whole heartedly living it.

    PS. Did I just get free publicity for my blog? LOL. Thank you…I’m glad you liked it enough to mention it in your post 🙂

    @ Vagabondo’course dogs r allowd wthout quesn in a Sagittarian’s space, n anything else tht moves (pun intended); whats he called? Mine’s called Chickoo (yea, yea, a dog with a fruity name 😐 ) he ddnt eat for 2whole days whn baba passed away, wd just sit at the door n wait!

    Pub4free : Did I? Hey, nothng in life’s for free, ok? esply, fdbk in blogosphere (in real life, in India, it’s free, ok?) – wht did Indian Dilbert say? U scratch my back, I scratch urs, ok? 😉

    No, but seriously, 1) u wrkd hard on those pics, 2) good things r meant to b seen n enjoyd by all, 3) I saw it first, made sense to grab th privilege to show u off (if they hvn’t, alrdy). satisfied? 🙂

  2. “If the power lay with us, we could be with any one in the world, weave our magic and get them to love us and be able to love them too – at will”

    The power is within us. Yet, to use it requires us to break something far more powerful – the love for our own values.

    So if there is a person who can make everybody else love him/her, it’s someone who has no respect for his/her own self, and changes according to what everyone else expects of him/her. I’d rather stay away from such a person.

    That is why I believe wanting everyone else to love you is a crime to yourself and to their will. The alchemist lies within us – most of us just want to look for it outside.

  3. 🙂 hm, appreciate ur attitude and respect ur conviction, Alok.
    “changes according to what everyone else expects” : u introduced another angle I think. Let’s see what th others hve to say..

  4. I’ve got to completely agree with Alok on this one. To thine own self, remain true. A person who constantly changes to keep up with other people’s expectations of him/her in the end pleases the whole world and disappoints his/her own self.

  5. Oh, and I have two dogs – the great loves of my life. A German shepherd called Charlie and a lab mix called Ally. Chickoo sounds adorable. Hope we’ll get to see a photo sometime. I love dogs.

  6. twud hv been nicer to see ur face instead of ths toothy gravitar…sigh…but realized u dnt want ur identity revealed, so edtd out the sambodhon part frm my last cmmnt, n recast u on th roll…a labrador, wow! two jediis in the house, wht mre can u ask for, for compny 🙂
    Truthfully? nvr occurd 2me 2tke pics, used 2b so happy tgthr somehow it seemed twd nevr end.

    Yes, u r rght as is Alok. Our self is imp. Only sme ppl tend to draw out th good thngs in me better n othrs, like u ppl r alchemists – wth the sunshine of ur attn mke me feel like gold 🙂

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