Gujarat Geared Up for Garba

And How!!! Look at this Garba Song

Child's Eye View of Ahmedabadi Garba

Tame roj roj garba ma aavjo re on Gujarati, Come for Garba every night O Gujarati

Tame aatank ni vaat thi na darsho na re Gujarati Do not fear or give in to terror

Tamne aam na jasho, tem na jasho, darsho re Gujarati,

Tame Garbe ghumjo re Gujarati, You would dance the Garba O Gujarati,

Tame ajaan vastu ne na adsho, tame ajaan thelane na adsho re Gujarati, Don’t touch unknown object or bag,

Tame saavadh rehjo, sachet rehjo, police ne 101 par jaan karjo Be careful, be alert, inform the police at 101 if you find something suspicious

Duniya ne bataavjo re, ame aatankvad thi ghabrata nahi re Gujarati Show the world that terror cannot daunt you O Gujarati!

It is 2:00 a.m. The music and revelry outside rises in a tumultous crescendo. I hear the wooden Garba sticks beating against each other, striking with reckless abandon at fear and anxiety, every face defiantly determined to be happy, come what may.  The glass bangles glitter, and the mirrors flash and I am transported back in time…in the courtyard of some fort, I see shining swords in the hands of mighty Gahlot princes amidst a swirling circle of Gujjars and Rajputanis, tiger like, swishing in their gorgeous rainbow skirts, dancing away the night…

The good and the happy engage in Garba, dancing away Darkness and Evil, this strange Navratri.

To be able to witness the indomitabe spirit of these people, so gentle yet so determined not to let their world be split apart by earthquake or strife, makes this a special Navratri for me. That is what I would remember about Gujarat all my life.

For those who are not aware, Gujarat on the west coast of India was rocked once again by 17 blasts on the 26 July this year around 19:24:45 hrs, two of which went off at two different hospitals in the city.

I would also like to record here that on the day of the blast, I witnessed amazing administrative dexterity – there was no panic among the citizens, not a single shutter down in my area which is about two kilometers from one of the blast sites, all buses ran normally, no auto rickshaws charged extra or were taken off the road creating traffic turmoil or made detours, except for the actual sites where the bombs went off, I did not see any gathering anywhere. Everything was managed extremely quietly with gritted teeth and calm consideration. And security was tightened at Garba venues.

Modi himself came and opened the session at the University Grounds on the first day of Navratri.

The lyric above was written by Naished Makwana, former district education officer of Vadodara and composed by Falguni and Dr. R. B. Bhesania and was presented in The Times of India dated October 1, 2008, by Tushar Tere of TNN.

For those who are interested in Why Navratri is for Nine Nights: Source 


3 thoughts on “Gujarat Geared Up for Garba

  1. Very cool garba song 🙂 The psyche of the state is so upbeat and is reflected clearly in the new things it is doing. Cool, I hope you enjoyed dancing too. And the Durga puja 🙂

    @ Puku Hey hi, isn’t it?

    No, 😦 u can’t go wthout a male escort bec it starts after 10:30p.m.Security is extrmly tight,u need to collect passes in advnce, also u hve to be dressed in Chaniya Choli! But had a blast watchng frm far at the society gathrng, ddnt hve courage enuf to actually dance, but wd try to get pics today n post if it comes out well 🙂

  2. One of the best ever posting about garba ever i visited.

    Will surely shared it on orkut and also this instersting blog.

    Thank You.

    Jay Gujarat

    -Kartik Dave

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