Condoms in Call-Centres?!

make it a must in all hotel rooms, lodges, dharmshalas, hostels instead and everywhere else they have night duties

In Sunday Times of India today Pallavi Srivastava writes : Condoms@Call Centres – Why single them out?

She lists two reasons given by the people who want condom machines at call-centres:1) night duties 2) lot of young people working together(!!) 3) assumption here is young immature people with money have a lot more sex.

I think putting condom machines and free distribution would be great- but WHY only CALL CENTRES?

If HIV-AIDS is an issue, then consider : 1) NOT just sex that causes it 2) gay men (MSM) are more likely to get/spread the virus as they switch partners oftener than most others ( so consider ALL places where men hang around together for a long time)  3) just the incidence of young people doesn’t necessarily cause gay abandon.4) you can even get it in an arranged marriage, where the guy has slept with a carrier earlier or if either of them switch partners.

Then the other point – do people have sex only at night?

If HIV through MSM during night time activity is an issue, then consider people have night duties @ : BPO, KPO, Airlines, Hotels, Lodges, Dharmshalas, all night Bus Service Stations, Fire Stations, Drilling Sites, Ad Labs, Hi-End Research Centres, Editing studios, News Paper offices (a lot of young people hang around here round the clock), Support Services, Multinational Corporate Offices, Banks, any set up with a 24/7 service.

The third part: where do people have sex oftener?

1) hotels/lodges 2) dharmashalas which act as trveller’s lodge 3) boys hostels 4) men’s hostels 5) railway rest rooms 6) guest houses etc.

If people forget, in their hurry, they could still run across the corridor and get it, even if they are only wearing a towel. In all hotel rooms let them have a packet of Condom for Men and Preventives for Women as well. So you have prevented unwanted pregnancy and  birth of an HIV infected child as well.

Let them have  Condom Machines and Free Distribution in ALL possible places. If they are honestly trying to help and not targetting any particular industry.

In India, where babies rain, it would help in the other way too…it definitely is a GOOD IDEA. 🙂

APSACS almost hit the Mark

APSACS almost hit the Mark


11 thoughts on “Condoms in Call-Centres?!

  1. Great post. I have seen a couple of condom vending machines outside some bars in Mumbai. But we need more for sure 🙂
    Trisha: Thx, Puku, ‘more’ at call centres? You’re ok wth Andhra govt targetting call centres as predominantly HIV risk spaces? 🙂

  2. Trisha, I had read it but couldn’t come on time to comment.
    Great post. Yeah, I agree with you. Why only call centers ?

    @ Cuckoo 🙂 Thanx , nice to hear frm u agn. Ian has written @Runsingtwinkle n I did salvage ur cmmnts thr!

  3. Well its not a bad place to start! Our society needs to be more aware before we start placing condom vending machines openly. Crowd at the call center or clubs is more young and aware of these necessities.

    @ Hi Priyank, yes, if it is just a ‘place to start’, even I think it is fine! 🙂

  4. hmmm you are very right we should have condom vending machines in all POSSIBLE places 🙂

    hmm and the perception that crowd at call center or clubs is aware of this neceddities, you are not entirely correct..

  5. Sharad, welcome 🙂 happy to c that u didnt silently read n go away n then mail me later…I do prefer talking here.
    Well, abt ur comnt on the level of awareness among callcentre crowd n at clubs, you r right, but then why target one particular industry tho?

    It wd become difficult for young people to live or find a house even find a mate if this perception that the govt put condom vending machines there, bec they are high risk group sunk in socially! It wd do more harm than good is what I was thinking

  6. Govt of India is really at fault here.

    It target groups(sex workers,truck drivers), what it does not realize is HIV/STDs does not care which group you belong too…

    not only govt, but so many people I have come across thinks, only CSW’s or truck drivers can contact HIV….

    Lack of correct information


    btw..if you are in pune, there is one “Inter-Community Condom Cricket Final” this Saturday – 15th November – @10:30 am on the Railway Grounds at Tadiwala Road.

    Thanks, I moved 🙂 am now in Gujarat.. Do write abt it at ur site tho wd come n see wht its abt. Awareness campaign?

  7. hmm yes… I am involved with Wake up pune a group spreading awareness towards it.. do visit my website.. just written a article on being HIV +

    Trisha, thanks, Sharad, I did, and u wd see how excited I was too from comments I have written there 🙂 if I miss smthng sometimes, pl do keep me posted?

  8. Trisha, A very nice post indeed. I am first time reader of your blog, and this is one noble post that made me reply.
    I agree to the fact that we need to be more open to the idea of sex, and more open to talk about it.
    Recently I did see how a married couple was feeling shy to ask for a condom at a local medical store. That itself gives us an idea, how “ill” is this issue treated.
    The fact that free condoms are vended out, is good. Over a longer period i haven’t seen them working.
    Being more open to talks like this, would work.

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