Hi been here quite sometime.

You know, I feel the page design one uses, especially, since I cannot write code to create my own design and therefore use other people’s designs, I feel all the more that the page design is like an extension of your world. I notice that I take a long time to choose. I have definite ideas about ‘how’ it ought to look. My scraps I mean. No. Wait. Since ‘viewing’ (your writing) is also part of the reading-writing-composing experience, the Design is rather like another Window to look out of.

I don’t know if you would agree – but it gives me a sense of ‘different perspective’. I mean each design gives a different ‘feel’ and ‘mood’ to what you are writing! 🙂

Well just try different designs on your blog and you just might guess what am trying to say here. If not, bear with me please – just take it as another ‘tick’ of a crazy soul.

I moved why I Advocate We Teach Grammar away from here as it seemed more appropriate in the other blog. The colour over there in the banner appears to soften the jagged edges of the stance….the thoughts and the subject as well. Also it was necessary to keep the reading space of our school children separate from my own personal space.

I do hope you enjoy the space….and tripping between two coasts now and then….

And don’t you agree this design’s absolutely fresh and white too and very urbane and smart? Eagerly waiting to know what you think 🙂


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