Rock On!! 1

The Man-Woman Relationship – So SENSIBLE! Surprise!

I caught it by the way yet I would remember it.

I usually go for a movie on Saturdays. It happened that, that day I was working from home and was stuck in the middle of something. I decided to take a movie break instead of a tea break. I had wanted Mumbai Meri Jaan. At the counter however, as I slipped in the money, the boy shook his head “Woh toh Ma’am chala gaya”. What? Yeah, it is Friday so the shows have changed. I could watch one of the new flicks. There is Rock On!!…I didn’t let him go on. You mean it is on NOW? Thought I just read that they were making it in last week’s paper! Anyway, let’s Rock On!! then. Grabbed my ticket, flew upstairs to find that I had lost nearly fifteen minutes of the first part.

It didn’t make any difference though 🙂 Hindi movie hain na, predictable…

Right then, where are we? Onscreen it was distraught Prachi Desai declaring her pregnancy to her boss (I guessed). She was saying she isn’t sure if hubby would like to know.

Routine dialogue. Mundane delivery. I took the time to look around. The whole hall was empty except for the two rows in front and below me, nobody above me. I had all of the upper section to myself. Empty hall means a bad movie?

Meanwhile it was that bedroom confrontation scene between Prachi and Farhan. Farhan is in the bath with wife Prachi calling out questions at him from the bedroom. When she asks if he knew somebody called Killer Drummer, his hand on the shower tab stiffens….he enters the room walks to the mirror stands with his back to her, not looking at her, his whole body looks tense, stressed out even after his shower. With hair dripping with water, he climbs into bed still without looking at her and pulls the covers: good night. End of questions. And no answers!

Very quietly enacted subdued scene – like you see in some arty Indian movies or Angrezi ones.

Prachi takes a few seconds to adjust to the ice cold atmosphere in the room, then in one clean wifely gesture snuggles in at her husband’s back, touching him – with the back of her closed fists, but not daring to touch or hold him. That was cool, nice detail. The stranger like intimacy in this marriage is established. You get the idea that this is what it is like, they are used to it.

Chin on my hands, I tuck my feet up on the seat, settle down, deciding this is going to Rock On!!

It did Rock On!!, to a thumping close with splendid acting, directing, cinematography (well, at least I liked it, especially, the concerts did feel like filmed live shows) and “Meri Laundry ka ek Bill” in between.

I haven’t seen a contemporary Hindi blockbuster after Dil Chahta Hain, deal with man-woman relationship so sensibly. I mean nearly all the actors and the director are under forty probably. Farhan, Prachi, Kohli are unmarried I think. So to be able to render the subtleties of a marriage like that had to be the result of some pretty good thinking.

The Prachi – Farhan marriage is quite difficult. As the film unfolds, you see how she studies him, fixes things heaving their marriage out of its limitations, liberating both of them on a plane where they can finally be happy, together. Of course it happens only after he lets her do it for them. Then there is the Abraham marriage where the wife almost fails, almost loses him with the man pulling himself above common feelings, magnanimously forgiving her in the end. A true artist. O but it is a hindi movie after all, you say? Had to end happily anyway? But look around too? Aren’t little compromises like that very real?

Credible and convincing.


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