Rajar Raja an English Translation


3 thoughts on “Rajar Raja an English Translation

  1. New Album to be released on 20-21st September 2008 is Titled”Tuchho”(Negligible)-Asha Audio.

  2. I have heard only one Cactus song upto now, “buke boro koshto”, and I find their sound entertaining and enjoyable, like Bhoomi.

    Could you suggest more such bands from the Bangla underground music scene? I’ve heard Fossils and Mohiner Ghonraguli, somewhat.

  3. @Alok Hi, welcome, Cactus isnt undrgrnd bt one of th v estbd influential rock bands, Kolkata doesn’t hve an underground mvmnt like Bangladesh.
    Sure, Fossils and Lokkhichhara r rockers, Amit Dutta’s band Skinney Alley wrks in Eng, try Ichhamoti of CACTUS, my pers fav, The Punished Pegasus(Pokkhiraj), Buddha has Laughed etc ‘Bukey Baro Kashto’ was a kind of parody strung tgthr for thr med coll fest, not really serious stuff. Crosswindz, wrks a bit like Bhoomi, folksey. U cd look here for a list. N do I get to listen to ur music now? 🙂

    Kimsuk (Gublu), great, thanks.

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