Sarahan Visited

s.jpg The first time I saw it this way on the net.

bhimkali-temple.jpg This is the way it was before the King, who is also the CM of the State of Himachal Pradesh had the jungle cleared to restore the view of the temple and planted an apple orchard in the courtyard

My first view of the temple from the HTDC Srikhand Hotel

This is what I call the definitive view of the famous Sarahan Temple :the centuries old Bhimakali Temple built in the Indo – Tibetan style, for goddess Durga.

The main temple showing one of the twin towers that tilted during the devastating earthquake of 1905.

The inherent elasticity of the interlocked wooden beams encasing Ashlars worked stone structure prevented major damage and a later earthquake straightened the plumb to an extent.

The temple complex is almost an acre, includes buildings, courtyards and this is the royal palace.

This is the main entrance.

In Hindu myths Sarahan is known as Shonitpur and there are beautiful legends about this little hamlet dating back from the vedic era, nestled in the foot of the Srikhand Peak (the peculiarity of this Himalayan peak is, it is the only one, whose tip remains uncovered with snow).

One tale is about a war between Lord Krishna and Banasura, one of Prahlad’s hundred sons, on account of Banasura’s daughter, Usha’s love for Krishna’s son Aniruddha. Krishna defeated him but later returned Bushair as dowry for Usha. Sarahan is in Bushahr of Rampur district of Himachal Pradesh.

Another tale is of how a bengali devotee called Bhimagiri, set out from Bengal with a staff, on pilgrimmage, at Sarahan his staff sank deep into the soil. When he looked he found buried there was Bhimakali’s image. She appeared to him in a dream and said this was her home and this is where she would live. So the temple came into being.

sarahan Lovely Kinnauri girls who had befriended me. Legend has it that Kinnaur-Kinnauris epitomising beauty adorned Indra’s court in heaven!

Sarahan is the base for some of Himachal’s finest treks to Badahal, Sangla and Shrikhand Peak. The treks are however open only between April and June and September-October.

f1000015.jpg From the circuit house compound which was under construction when I visited in April 2006, you get this view of the HTDC run Srikhand hotel (with green roofs), built like the temple itself. You get typical Himachali warm reception here, and all the other 3star(?!) comforts such places provide at 7150 feet (“well used and basic” as one traveller* remarked), the most important and useful of which, for a lonely trekker, is perhaps security, hot water, made to order dinner and electricity in the room.


The road leading up from the circuit house and  lined with these straight tall beautiful himalayan juniper

leads to the Apiary housing the world’s most colourful bird – the western Tragopan, which seemed even more beautiful than a peacock to me.

The Nathpa-Jhakri Dam here feeds hydel power to the entire northern grid and it’s amzing to listen to the stories from the resident engineer about how electric lines were laid in the mountains. The CPWD quarters look nice too from the bus/car while entering the village. I couldn’t stick the picture here as I lost it. Sorry 🙂

Sarahan is 177 km and six hours drive from Shimla on the NH22 upto Jeori thereafter bifurcating to Sarahan with the other road leading to Rekong Peo. From infront of the HTDC office near Mandi House in New Delhi, a Volvo service leaves at 7 p.m. daily and reaches Shimla via Chandigarh at 4 a.m. The bus to Jeori starts at 5 a.m. reaches Sarahan at 11 a.m.

* (blog name Twin Tower, dtd 2007) (for ‘hiccup’ experiences – 2give u an idea of what to watch out for) (for ITBP passes from Sarahan for further forays towards the I/Tibet border)

Pictures were taken by the author except the Juniper Trees and the old view that are netscavenged material.


7 thoughts on “Sarahan Visited

  1. Yeah, do so, only dnt attmpt in dec and ignore what David Rich says in gonomad…I dont believe he is talking abt this Bhimakali temple – there isn’t a mile drop to sutlej from here as you can well see! 🙂

  2. Great place,
    I am planning to visit Himachal this winter, lets see if can make to this temple and places around.
    Nicely expressed! and colors are awesome!

    I would be trying in january2009 first week. Any specific reason you said avoid December other than cold!!!

  3. If you go in April you could have seen the idol taken out in procession, but suit urself, till Sarahan there may not problem, but you might not see apple blossoms or much greenery at this time, dnt know if it might not be closed beyond Rekong Peo. you need a permit that side btw.
    But exploration is the idea, so do go – come back with ur story 🙂 na geley jana jabey kamon korey?!
    There is no ATM beyond Shimla, or at Sarahan. I hv had to return bec of that, so go prepared pl 🙂

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