“…while the distinction between blogger and journalist (if it ever really existed) has slowly dissolved, all the infrastructure around recognizing who a journalist is — from press credentials to legal protections has changed very little. So whether I really am a blogger, a journalist or a blogger/journalist might not matter to me, but it will matter when I’m trying to get a press pass or if a judge wants to ferret out my anonymous sources.

What do you think? Does it matter what my identity is, or how people view me? If you’re a blogger/journalist, how do you deal with these issues? Share your thoughts in the comments below.”

Mark Glaser of MediaShift/PBS examines the issue in this manner.

Greg Hankins, editor of Sevenlakestimes of Carolina, US said : Folk who decide to keep a diary — or contemplate their navel — on the web may be journalists, but they aren’t reporters and what they write is not news. Folk who write the news, whatever their medium, are reporters.

By Greg’s definition am a journalist, a web-logger who keeps an online log of stuff that is important to me. To answer the question Mark raised, I feel that the author’s identity as writer does link with ‘how he/she sources information’ and as such important to me, as reader.

As for how people ‘view’ an author, that matters too if am a new reader, a history of credibility reassures me.

The question of earning and keeping the reader’s trust ought to be an important concern, when am the writer. I  agree with Edward Itor’s view there:…since we are anonymous, we have to take great care that the information that we present is accurate, and if we do interject our opinions, we try to do so in a way that our readers can easily tell our opinions from our facts.


5 thoughts on “blogger/journalist?

  1. Too early to tell, but by all means you sound like a blogger more than a journalist. No external authority, free flow of expression, open ear to feedback are some of the fundamental attributes of a blogger imo.

  2. 🙂 I think I c what u mean: a diarist keeping his journal is alone, writing in closed space, a blogger leaves the doors open, hence a blog, by your definition would be more “vital” and dynamic content. So if am looking for info, wd it be better to go to a ‘syndicated blog’ or syndicated news?

  3. I think we are more of blogger than journalists. The definitions is same as Priyank has mentioned plus we can write what WE think is right in our opinion.

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