of My Children

4.jpg  All of them are in the four to sixteen bracket.That covers nursery to standard ten in Indian schools.

Recently while I was training at an experimental International school in Ahmedabad, I had had the opportunity to interact with the four to thirteen age-group too, quite closely. For the fourteen to sixteen age-group, I draw from my experience at other places and that spans the entire course of my eleven years as English teacher.

This afternoon while I sat through a few empty periods, as class ten went through the last bit of formality collecting their hall passes for the ensuing board exams, I found myself ruminating on all the good times and the steamy screamy times I had togetherwith my classes over the course of all these years of teaching and learning. I realized how much it means to me to see my brood smile. It feels like being in the sun in chilly weather! 🙂

But I do get so crazy mad sometimes! And I lose it-completely. And then I feel bad. But then being born with the sun in Sagittarius, the moon in Leo with a Scorpio ascendant and an exalted Mars, life doesn’t exactly move along a merry-go-round routine. It gets pretty choppy and although like evrybody else it is circular, but, mostly it is circular in roller-coaster motion.

Well, so what am I trying to do here? What was I thinking? Actually, when session begins this time around, and in the new year, I decided that I want more sunshine in my life. I mean ‘normal’ is like six months, like fifty percent of the time? This year – and here goes my new year resolution- happening in March 2008!

Well, I dislike doing it on the 1Jan or on the 31 Dec. I mean there isn’t any rule or something written down somewhere, is there that one has to follow the Roman calendar while making personal resolutions? For work we do. But this is personal. In my country atleast, there are many new years’ days for various people following various calendars : there’s Bengali new year’s day on April 14, then there’s the Parsi new year’s day, the marathi new year’s day, the Chinese new year’s day and so on. Being an Indian, I guess am free to choose to make resolutions anytime, then, on any new year’s day…great!

So as I was saying, I decided to write down some stuff about my children here, so I can look at it and remember. O I know it’s childish, but then I work with them, so why not? Be a little like them especially if it makes life more cheerful and fun.  🙂

Herez five things my brood love: 1) when I smile at them, 2) when I say let’s play, 3) when I tell them a story, 4) when I let them sing songs, play antakshari, 5) when I say “O am so happy!”

And herez five things they positively HATE : 1) when I scowl and sulk, 2) when I scream, 3) when I refuse to look at them, 4) when I forget their names, 5) when I refuse to listen or explain.

And when they are happy? O well, well, well, then the whole place is buzzing with laughter and light and the sound of little wings flexing and whirringO it feels like you are sitting in King Solomon’s Kingdom itself!

Five horrible things you can get away with in style and with plenty of panache when they are happy and in that lovely we-like-her mode 🙂  : 1) having given away A’s copy to Z and he has left school and there is no way to retrieve lost property unless you get the Police, 2) two solid hours of solid lecture about all the crap about you-know-what-they-should-and-should-not do, when you are in that silly know-it-all-done-it-all mode (yeah I know – two solids there and light pun intended here – you probably have no idea what happens when a sagittarian decides to lecture! They do! 🙂 ) 3) double composition classes, 4) stay backs for crap work like school mag, wall mag, inspection decoration announced at the eleventh hour, 5) any of those ‘silly’ school-routine things that needs them to slog their jolly little hearts and creative little brains out. They would do it. For you. Making you feel like queen Bathsheba herself.

It’s great to be loved by your children. It’s great to be admired by them. It’s great to be able to fly, fall, and bounce right back into the air with them. It’s wonderful being a teacher!




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