let the tide roll, carry on

While leaves and the trees outside change colour,
While the sky turns lighter, brighter, a blazing shade of gold,
And even as the coldness from dark winter weeks past,
Melt into days growing warmer and longer, two-fold,
I sense those strange stirrings in the depths of my heart:

Once again the sea beckons…
Blue-mountains, fragrant jungles deep and dark,
Tall eucalyptus, the tall posts with neon lights, bends in the road –
Strike up a vision even as I swiftly negotiate city traffic,
Makes me – catch my breath – for an instant I forget where I am!

Moments later headlong I plunge in and surge ahead with the crowd around,
Work to do…rent to pay! Calls, bills, line-rentals and miles…
Miles to go before I sleep… Or break free,
Turn around, or simply lie down,
And let the tide flow, and time roll, and just carry-on?

my Tamil Nad

my Tamil Nad


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